All About Envelope Inserters

You’ll Wonder What Took You So Long!

We hear the same thing every time! “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!” 

“It’s just a few envelopes we’ll stuff them by hand!” … then 8 hours later you’re questioning your life decisions. That’s how most envelope stuffing jobs seem to go. Doing hand stuffing is far too slow when you’re trying to turn a profit with a mailing job. Stuffing by hand is also prone to errors because it’s such a monotonous task. It sounds nice when you’re quoting the job but envelope inserters can turn a manual-labor-nightmare into a major profit center.

Inserter machines automate the envelope stuffing process. You load empty envelopes in one side, and the contents of your mailer in the other side – then press GO! The machine will open, stuff, and then seal each envelope. The machines are surprisingly fast and reliable. Inserting is a complex task to automate but the process is down to a science and has become bulletproof as long as the envelopes and inserted material is in good shape.

Formax Inserter Touch Panel

Easy Set Up and Fast Start

A touchscreen control panel makes it super easy to do an inserting job. The operator can control everything about the inserting process and see the status of the machine. Most start ups are done with the ‘teach’ method where you just load everything you want into the bins and press start. The machine will process 1 piece and you then check it to make sure it looks good. If so, then you start your full production line. It’s as simple as that.

The set ups can vary though, sometimes you want more control over what’s happening so there are further options in the menus that let the operator oversee everything. The machines feature a unique clamshell design that opens up very wide to give access to the entire paper path. Jams are rare but they happen in any machine that feeds paper. Having the ability to easily clear jams and restart production is a significant time saver when you start processing thousands of pieces.

The machine will also seal the envelopes if you desire. A sealing section will wet the envelope flaps with a brush. Special sealing solution is used that stays clean and doesn’t grow mold or algae in the basin. It also evaporates quickly for a quality seal on the envelope and very little mess.

Extra Feeder Bin

Versatile for Different Configurations

Every mailing is unique and some people never need to stuff a certain way. These machines can be configured to suit your needs which can be mean adding or removing trays. Why buy what you don’t need? Work with a sales representative to determine what configuration is best for your needs.

There are several Formax inserters in the product line that have different numbers of stations for inserted products. They also go at different speeds and have different duty cycles that might match your workload. In our experience the Formax product line is built for real production and has great statistics for uptime, low maintenance costs, and high reliability.

Envelope Stack

What About Addressing or Unique Content?

An optional Barcode Recognition or optical mark recognition (OMR) system are available. These will verify mailed pieces, with a camera, as they pass by so that you can remove any reject pieces. You can also deliver a report to your customer verifying that you’ve checked the mailing. 

Most often people are going to use a windowed envelope to let the stuffings carry the mailing address. This avoids the necessity for addressing after inserting and eliminates the risk of contents not matching the address on the envelope. Window envelopes work great for inserting because it’s so easy to get the jobs through your workflow without having to do costly checks on work to make sure there’s no mix up.

Using an automated inserting machine is far more reliable and consistent than hand stuffing. For overall accuracy on a mailed piece. Inserters are not very well known to people who aren’t experienced in production mailing services but once you realize the potential of an inserting machine you can really start to understand the profit potential they offer. Reach out to learn more!