Fastback Binding Solutions from Powis Parker

Fastback binding is strong, durable and attractive. Pages in a Fastback document can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull. The tough thermoplastic adhesive will not become brittle with age, so it’s perfect for archival storage. Features and benefits include:

  • Bind Faster: Fastback binders are 3.5 times faster than competitive binding systems
  • Super Strong: Fastback bound documents can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull
  • Layflat: Fastback Thermal Strip delivers true lay-flat binding

Fastback Model – 20

Create super strong, impressive books and documents in 15 seconds or less. Anyone can operate the 20 with its intuitive one-touch button. Bind 10 – 700 page documents with minimal, space-saving supply inventory. The Fastback 20 is the binder your office has been looking for!

Fastback Model – 9

The Powis Fastback Model – 9 is ideal for departmental and office use. Simply place the strip and the book block in the binding machine and press the green button.

For the highest level of binding strip customization, Image Strip and LX Image Blank allows you to promote your brad, enhance your image and ensure that each prospectus, manual, case study, and report your produce is a cut above the competition.

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