Rotary Die Cutting in 2022

Die Cutting is HOT in 2022!

We are seeing a huge increase in market interest for die cutting. Special processes like this add value to the printed product. They demand a higher price point and bring with it a more healthy profit margin. Anyone can buy a digital press and start printing;  by specializing and creating printed products that have added value there is a ton of new potential.

Die cutting can be intimidating at first. How do I create art? How do I get a die? These are all good questions and in our experience the barriers to entry are actually quite low. Creating art is a simple process! Design your work like you would any other brochure or advertisement and add in one special step; a die line. 

🟢 Step 1  -Create Artwork and a Die Line

A die line is an extra layer in an art document that contains a vector path that indicates where cuts will be made. This process is typically done in illustrator and the die line will not be printed with the original artwork. This die line layer is all that your die maker needs after they know what model die cutter you have. 

example of artwork and a die line

🟢 Step 2  -Have your Die Made

Once your artwork and die line are created having a die made is a piece of cake. There are specialized die-making companies that are experts in this part of the process. All you need to do is send them your artwork with the die line and tell them what die cutting machine you have. They’ll create the appropriate die for your application whether it’s a kiss-cut or clean cut out. 

We have had dies made by Kocher and Beck but there is also Atlas Die and many other die companies. Typically dies start at around $150 and you will receive them within just a few days of ordering. These dies can last a very long time if they are handled properly. Users will build up a library of dies over time and rarely need to order new cut patterns. Work with your die supplier to get the most out your dies.

RD-4055DM Magnetic Die Cutting Cylinders

🟢 Step 3  – Load it Into your Die Cutter and Go!!!

The latest generation of rotary die cutters are remarkable. These machines run like a dream and are super easy to operate. Dies are held magnetically onto the rotary drum surface and all of the sheet timing and cut positioning is controlled with the touch-screen on the machine. Watch the video below to see for yourself how easy it is to load a die and start running. There are single and dual cylinder models. 

Die Cut Product Samples

Horizon RD-N4055DM

Read more about this incredible product. The rotary die cutters from Horizon are a fantastic addition to production capabilities. Die cut projects command a much higher profit margin and it won’t take you long to build up a library of re-useable dies.