Crease, Perforate, Slit, and Gutter Cut in One Process

Introducing The Standard Horizon CRA-36 Auto-Creaser

Crease, Perforate, Slit, and Gutter Cut in One ProcessThe NEW Standard Horizon CRA-36 AutoCreaser processes high quality creasing with an automated feeding function.

Perforation can be performed by simple unit replacement. Rotary perforation, edge trim and gutter cut also possible in one pass as option. Designed for digital and offset printed sheets, the CRA-36 eliminates cracking common with digital print, cross grain and UV coating.

Features/Benefits Include:

  • Reduces costly labor steps and increases productivity for short run application
  • Quick and easy automatic setup via touchscreen without skilled labor
  • Job memory storage for common formats and repeat applications
  • Up and down creasing in one pass
  • Maximum of 10 matrix creases in one pass
  • Maximum of 10 cross perforations in one pass
  • Rotary blade perforation in feed direction (optional)
  • Rotary blade slitting, edge trim and gutter cutting (optional)
  • Perforate, crease, slit and gutter cut in one process


Applications include greeting/note cards, menus, tri-fold brochures, book covers and dust jackets, coupons, tickets and more!

The NEW Standard Horizon CRA-36 will be available soon! Visit us online for additional information at

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