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PF-40L Suction Feed Paper Folder

High performance air feeding and accurate folds on glossy paper

The PF-40L is paper folding machine with two fold plates. It has an air feeder which makes it perfect for feeding glossy paper and coated stock. Smooth paper is very tough to feed with a friction folder so this machine has an air system that uses blowing and suction to separate the paper from the stack.

It also has a register board which also increases accuracy. The sheets travel along this register board and are driven to one side where they ride an accurately positioned rail. This process ‘registers’ the position of the sheet and squares it up perfectly. From there the paper folder can make accurate and square folds. Feeding glossy paper and getting an accurate fold position is difficult but this machine has the features that make it easy to do.

Horizon has made this paper folding machine easy to use. The control panel on the front of the machine walks you through selecting your paper size and your desired paper type. The machine will then move the fold plates automatically with motors so the operator setup is all done with buttons.

Paper is folded and delivered along the bottom of the machine. There’s a delivery roller that helps to catch the sheets as they come out and the position of that will make a very clean finished pile of work. A single person can fold a good amount of glossy.

Horizon PF-P3100 Letter Paper Folder Machine

The Horizon PF-P3100 desktop folder offers for office use. It features a quick set-up, easy operation and it is very fast. This is a great little folder that handles a range of papers while providing years of reliability. Additionally, the PF-P3100’s unique internal fold-plate design and variable speed settings provides enhanced sound reduction control when desired. 

Standard PF-P330 Automated Suction-Feed Folder

The PF-P330 Automated Suction-Feed Paper Folder from Standard is revolutionizing desktop folding. Its innovative suction feed system provides remarkably quiet operation and exceptional paper feed reliability. The PF-P330’s simple and dependable operation guarantees many years of outstanding performance and productivity. 

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