Challenge – Titan Series, Up to 26 Cuts Per Minute!

Challenge Paper Cutters - Titan 265 XG & XT Images

Challenge Titan Paper Cutter

Hydraulic Paper Cutter Series

The Titan series of hydraulic powered paper cutters offer a range of cutting options with a compact footprint. Designed to be safe and durable machines, Titan cutters fit into almost any production situation. Clamp pressure is adjustable, so clamping force can be changed to match specific job requirements. Hydraulic operation assures more power, less stock spoilage, less maintenance and greater reliability. After a few minutes of inactivity the Titan switches into an energy-conserving standby mode.

Titan 265

  • Up to 26 cuts per minute
  • Virtually maintenance-free design
  • Solid 1-inch thick tool grade aluminum table offers the strong work surface required in production environments
  • Low-pressure pre-clamping reduces operator injury (less than 66 PSI)

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