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NEW Xitron Navigator Northstar Videos

Navigator Northstar Videos

NEW Xitron Navigator Northstar Videos

9 NEW Navigator Northstar videos have been added to our YouTube channel. These videos include:

For additional information on Xitron’s Navigator workflow, click here for more information!

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On-Demand Book Production Company Achieves ROI After 11 Months with Challenge Machinery Book Trimmer

On-Demand Book Production Company Achieves ROI After 11 Months with Challenge Machinery Book Trimmer

Company Achieves ROI After 11 Months with Challenge Machinery Book Trimmer“Since we have installed the CMT-330, it has processed one-third of our total plant output, which is up to 350,000 books per month. Pretty good for a five-figure investment.” – Bruce Jacobsen, Executive Vice President, Bridgeport National Bindery

During its first 100 years in operation, Bridgeport National Bindery (BNB) served traditional library bindery clients. In 2003, the company installed its first digital printers and began serving the complete short-run book production needs of its rapidly growing on-demand customer base. A few years later, complete on-demand book production had become a significant part of BNB’s business. Most of BNB’s on-demand jobs were ultra small quantities, which led to a new set of operational challenges.

The Challenge

BNB had to find a way to reliably produce up to 8,000 perfect-bound books per day. Most of BNB’s jobs feature production quantities of 10 or fewer, in other words, 1,000 (or more) different jobs can flow through its perfect binding department each day. Reducing make-ready times to a bare minimum was a clear key objective.Click here to read more >>>

The Solution

BNB chose the CMT-330 three-knife book trimmer, Challenge Machinery’s premier book trimming solution for the shortrun, on-demand market. The CMT-330 integrates with perfect binding equipment for fully inline production. With the CMT-330, BNB could now consistently set up jobs in as little as ten seconds. Click here to read more >>>

The Results

Like many graphic arts companies, BNB usually expects to break even on capital investments within three to five years. However, eleven months after installing the CMT-330, Bridgeport calculated that the machine had already paid for itself. Click here to read more >>>

Customer Testimonial Provided by Challenge Machinery
Britt Cary
Sales Director, The Challenge Machinery Company

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The Fastest Meteor Super Format Digital Press Ever at Drupa

MGI to Launch the Fastest Meteor Super Format Digital Press Ever at Drupa 2016

Published Thursday, 12 May, 2016

New High-Speed Meteor DP1000 Digital press Offers 100 ppm, 18pt Substrate Thickness and 47″/1200 mm Sheet Capabilities with Inline Finishing Options

FRESNES, France (May 12th, 2016) – MGI Digital Technology has announced the worldwide release of the new high-production Meteor DP1000 digital press. The DP1000 is the sixth generation of MGI Meteor digital presses and now complements the existing DP8700 XL+ and DP8700 S+ solutions for a powerful full range of production presses with high-speed, plastic, synthetic & paper substrate and application diversity.

The range of supported size formats goes up to 13×47 inches. This extremely long format capability, unique in the market of high-volume digital printing, allows for the production of panoramic 5 panel gatefold documents such brochures, signs and banners on substrate stocks ranging from 80 to 450 gsm/ m².

Light Board Package Printing Capability

The ability to print on stocks on stocks with 18 pt. thickness and weights of 450 gsm means that the Meteor DP1000 can produce brilliant colors on board stock for small to medium-sized folding carton and box designs. This will be a tremendous benefit for package printers searching for a high-speed solution with variable data printing (VDP) options, as well as commercial printers seeking a cost-effective path to enter the world of packaging.

Worldwide Release @ Drupa 2016

The Meteor DP1000 will be demonstrated live at the MGI (Hall 5, Booth 21) at the upcoming drupa 2016 international print trade fair from May 31st to June 10th in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Unique High-Speed Press & PostPress Finishing Integration

The MGI Meteor DP1000 can be integrated inline with the MGI DF Pro solution for an inline solution combines a new unique high-performance (100 pg/m) digital printing press and finishing system in one package. The Meteor DP1000 & DF Pro product suite delivers fully printed and finished documents in a single pass, all completed on the same equipment. The Meteor DP1000 & DF Pro system also eliminates all the traditional extra worksteps, time and complications of moving output to different work environments for finishing and job completion.

Improved Job Productivity & Turnaround Times

The DP1000 & DF Pro solution can produce a remarkable variety of graphical output – including up to 20 different finishing functions for photos, advertisements, full bleed letterheads and direct mailing jobs that are already creased, cut and trimmed when they come off the press. It can even produce complex folding packages and documents with strike perforated finishes for knock-out, punch-piece components. This solution is designed for high-volume production environments with speeds up to 100 pg/min (including finishing) and a duty cycle of 1 million pgs. per month.

Drupa Press Conference

A Press Conference will be held on Tuesday May 31st at 3:00 PM to discuss new MGI corporate announcements, the growing Konica Minolta global alliance and new product strategies (Located in Room 8 of the Press Conference Centre – CCD South).

For more information visit

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Standard Horizon at drupa 2016

Standard horizon at drupa 2016

Standard Horizon will “Change the Focus” to Finishing at drupa 2016″

Andover, MA – Standard Finishing Systems will partner with Horizon International of Japan at the upcoming drupa event in Düsseldorf, Germany May 31 – June 10 to demonstrate the most comprehensive display of finishing equipment at the fairgrounds. Under the theme “Change the Focus,” Horizon will unleash the hidden value of post-press. The goal is to help our customers comprehend and plan finishing steps at the beginning of the print process, to enable end-to-end automation and production efficiency. Horizon’s 16,000 square foot booth will be the largest in Hall 6, and the single largest exhibit dedicated to post-press at drupa. Twenty-four working systems – including the world premieres of a new perfect binder and folder – will be organized into various zones featuring perfect bind, stitch, fold, and digital applications. Live presentations will also highlight four innovative Smart Finishing Solutions, each one capable of processing conventional and digitally printed output.

As Horizon’s exclusive North American distributor, Standard will demonstrate to its customers a different way to think about finishing. “Post-press should be front-of-mind when conceiving an efficient production workflow, but it’s often an afterthought,” says David Reny, Executive Vice President of Standard. “Customers who can zoom-up to see the complete life cycle of the printed product – from creation through finishing – will increase productivity and profitability in the long run. We’ll be showing intelligent in-line and near-line systems that offer flexibility and investment protection well into the future.”

Live Presentations Emphasize Smart Finishing

Six live presentations will be hosted daily in the Horizon theatre that will focus on finishing from the point of job creation for a efficiency, less waste, and much more. This is where Horizon will unveil the highly versatile, hybrid Smart Binding System. Click here to read full article

World Premiere in Perfect Binding

Horizon will demonstrate a complete line-up of multi-function finishing systems that can be used independently or in combination for a vast and varied range of output possibilities. Standard Horizon will demonstrate the SmartSlitter, SmartConnect System, RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter, SPC-4055 separator unit, and the ST-4055 high capacity stacker for lightweight stock and complicated shapes. Click here to read full article

Article Provided by Standard Horizon: May 2016
Click here to read full article from Standard Horizon

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IDEAL – Did you know?

IDEAL - Did you know?

IDEAL – Did you know?

Nothing can replace a walk in the forest, at the seaside, or in the mountains, and nothing is more important than clean and fresh air to breathe. But how can this work in your everyday professional life? Professional air purifiers create a non-polluted environment, where people feel well in a natural way. For more productivity and performance.

Nature’s self-cleaning. The interaction of plants and sun provide us pure air to breathe. Plants, and above all, tress filter harmful particles form the air, sunlight supports the reduction of pollutants from the atmosphere.

Cleaning of indoor air. IDEAL air purifiers help to improve the air in you room or office. People who can breathe clean and healthy indoor air fall ill less often and are more efficient. Good clean air with no pollutants is attainable with IDEAL’s air purifiers.

IDEAL’s Air Purifiers for Healthy Indoor Air…

  • A True HEPA Filter (Class H13) binds up to 99,97% of all airborne fine dust and ultra-small particles up to 0.3 microns; highly effective in the removal of mold, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites, microbes, and allergens
  • Cigarette smoke and even chemical fumes and odors are also filtered
  • Purified and ionized air is a simple and natural principle with refreshing results:
    • a vitalizing effect on the mind and body
    • strengthening the immune system
    • protects against cell damage and premature aging process
    • protects against fatigue and diseases
  • Ideally suited for:
    • offices
    • bedrooms
    • medical practices
    • and wherever you are looking for IDEAL indoor air

IDEAL Air Purifiers are available for room sizes ranging from 150 square feet to 1,000 square feet. For additional information on IDEAL’s Air Purifiers, visit us online by clicking here!

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Small-Format, Fully-Automated Folder

The AF-406F Small Format, Fully-Automated Folder

Application Flexibility, Especially for Insert, Outsert, and Pharmaceutical MarketsAF-406F-1-Announcement

The Standard Horizon AF-406F is a small-format fully automated 6-buckle folder with pile feed and suction head with an optional 6-buckle second unit that can be added straight or cross-wise, for sheet sizes from 1.97” x 3.94” (2.36” with optional device) up to 16.92” x 25.98”. Small folds down to .79” can be performed. This provides application flexibility, especially for the insert, outsert, and pharmaceutical markets.

AF-406F Features

  • Automated make-ready in seconds.
  • Select sheet size and fold pattern on the LCD touchscreen.
  • Superior suction feed system and feed table control provides stable feeding operation.
  • Perforation/score navigator makes perforation/score setting simple.
  • Fully automated roller gap setting.
  • High speed feeding without scratching.
  • 7 pre-set fold patterns.
  • 200 custom jobs can be stored in memory for easy recall.
  • A user-friendly color touch-screen control panel displays all common fold formats and sheet sizes for easy selection and automated setup.
  • 6+6 Buckle modular concept allows simple to complex fold patterns.
  • Feeding system combines a rotary vacuum feeder with front and rear adjustable air separation.
  • High quality buckle plates are specially coated to reduce friction and static to maintain fold accuracy.
  • Three kinds of folder rollers available depending upon application.
  • Right-angle conveyor allows complex folding such as DL folds.
  • The system can be further enhanced with Horizon’s pXnet bindery control system which integrates JDF Workflow from upstream devices.

Advanced automated functions saves time with minimal make-ready. Visit our Standard Horizon AF-406F product page by clicking here! 

Still have questions? Please contact us today.

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High Quality Binding and Compact Desktop Design

High Quality Binding and Compact Desktop DesignSuperior binding strength and compact desktop design make this the ultimate office binder! The BQ-P60 gives you high quality binding and professional looking documents.

Features of the BQ-P60

  • Easy Operation: The display Indicator lambs on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps
  • High Productivity: 180 books/hour
  • Professional Binding Quality: A cover is glued to the book spine then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance
  • Flexible Binding Styles: Choose from three different binding styles
  • Comfortable Operation: An integrated smoke extractor and filter system is a standard feature to clean the air and remove any glue odors from office environments
  • Eco-Friendly: Low temperature glue and eco-mode, reduces power consumptions

Simple and easy to use, the BQ-P60 allows you to finish fast with push-button operation. (1) Choose the binding style and insert the book block. (2) Press the start button. (3) Insert a cover, then press the start button. (4) The book is finished!


Three different binding styles are supported:

  • Binding with cover: a cover and a book block are bound with hot-melt glue
  • Binding with tape: simple book bound with cloth tape
  • Pad binding: simple binding used for making memo-pads

For additional product information, please visit us online at or contact us at 1-800-343-4231

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The NEW AlphaCoil-E by Akiles

The NEW AlphaCoil-E by Akiles

The Akiles AlphaCoil-E is an all-in-one electric binding machine which allows you to produce professionally bound books with speed and ease. It has all the features you need for coil binding, in one convenient package.

Looking for more than just 1 type of binding? Can’t decide? Contact MSL today at 1-800-343-4231 or visit us online at



All Electric Operation: Powerful punch motor and full size coil inserting roller will greatly improve your binding efficiency, while saving time and money.

Includes Foot Pedal Switch: Allows the free use of both hands, granting the operator complete control of punching and inserting, greatly reducing errors and mis-alignments. A manual push button for punching is also available.

Fully Disengageable Pins: Each punching pin can be individually pulled and disengaged, for a clean and professional punch for multiple paper sizes.

Free Crimper and Crimper Holder: Each machine includes a premium coil crimper and built-in crimper holder for easy access and storage.

For additional product information, contact MSL at 1-800-343-4231 or visit us online at

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VIVA Verification and Perfect Binding on the BQ-470

VIVA Brings Confidence to the Production LineVIVA Brings Confidence to the Production LineThe “VIVA” suite of vision-based inspection systems is custom-designed for document integrity and verification in production environments. The VIVA line can be deployed across a range of Standard Finishing Solutions to ensure quality control, tracking, and reporting of personalized documents.

VIVA Verification and Perfect Binding on the BQ-470

“Standard wants customers who have invested in our vision and software systems to use it as often as possible, and to the fullest extent”.

Dan Desmond, Standard VIVA Business Manager

VIVAbind Screen Shots

System status is indicated by colored backgrounds so any system message can be easily identified and resolved.

VIVA brings confidence to the production line

Operate as a stand-alone system or integrate into an existing production line. This versatility extends the life of legacy systems and can eliminate the need for replacement. Hardware design allows for easy integration with most systems.


The Standard Horizon AF-series can be equipped with VIVAfold cameras and software to check all folded signatures.


Standard’s VIVAmail can be used on our Standard KAS inserting systems. The software can perform sheet and set level integrity as well as machine control and matching from other feeders.


The Standard Horizon HOF high-speed sheet-feeder and SP-series or SitchLiner saddlestitchers can be equipped with VIVAstitch software and cameras to perform sheet-level and set-level integrity checking.


The Standard Horizon BQ-470 or other perfect binders can be equipped with VIVAbind cameras and software to check that book blocks and book covers match.

VIVA tracking & reporting

Standard VIVA inspection systems ensure that the finished documents are produced in the same sequence as the data-file. The system can sort documents based upon sorting criteria, allowing the operator to easily bundle groups.

As VIVA receives a reading, it pulls a record from the database to ensure against multiple processing of a single document. VIVA also saves every image read to a designated directory providing a valuable permanent record for future reference.

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High-Quality Color Envelope Printing with Variable Data

High-Quality Color Envelope Printing with Variable Data

The OKI pro900DP/905DP digital envelope press produces high-quality color envelope printing with variable data and variable graphics in a single pass.

Your customers frequently ask you to print short-run quantities with variable data on a wide range of formats – including envelopes – in specific colors. You need a reliable asset on the shop floor to handle that.

The new OKI proColor™ pro900DP/905DP digital color press is the answer for spectacular color and great short–run performance.

schedule-demo-buttonWitness brilliant, consistent production color and customized output – including envelopes. Register today
to see the pro900DP in action!

OKI proColor 900DP Features:

  • Fast, short-run, digital envelope printer with exceptional color
  • Full-color envelopes with variable data printing
  • Handles paper stock up to 330 gsm, 12″ x 18″, banner printing up to 47.24″, cling film printing
  • Prints up to 36 ppm Color/40 ppm Mono
  • HD Color printer for breathtaking output – even on ordinary paper
  • Embedded EFI® Fiery® System 8e Controller with SmartRIP® technology for fast, automated color workflow and job management (pro900DP only)
  • Single Pass Color™ digital technology
  • Pantone® calibrated
  • High–capacity printing with High Definition (HD) Color printing technology
  • True 1200 x 1200 dpi(pro900DP) or 1200 x 600 dpi(pro905DP) print resolution for clear, sharp text and graphics
  • Designed for short–run production: High–Capacity Lift holds up to 4,000 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper

The answer to your short-run color printing needs – the pro900DP/905DP from OKI Data. Now available at MSL.

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