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Foliant 520T – Single Sided Laminator

Foliant 520T - Single Sided LaminatorFoliant 520T – Single Sided Laminator

Foliant 520T Entry-Level Laminator is perfect for print centers with short runs or lower volumes, these entry-level laminating machines offer the ability to bring one-sided laminating projects in house saving both time and money. The synchronized conveyors on the manual feed table make loading sheets easy. Systems are available with either pressure coil springs or pneumatic pressure controls.

The Foliant 520T is a simple manual laminating machine, designed with an operating width of 20.4″ (520 mm). It represents an ideal choice for a professional in-house single side lamination in small offset and Digital printing shops running at speeds up to 23’/minute (7 meters/min).

With a very small footprint of 36″ x 47″ (90 x 117 cm), the Foliant 520T laminator offers a maximum sheet size of 20.4″ x 29.1″ (52 x 74 cm) and a minimum sheet size of 8-1/2″ x 11″ (30 x 25 cm / A4). The roll of a film is mounted on an easy handle shaft with a film tension control breaker. The shaft capacity is up to 10,000′ (3000 m) of the 1.2 mil (31 microns) film. The film holder unit is equipped with a trim slitter and a perforating wheel.

The laminating process is done between two laminating rollers – an upper heated silicone roller, and a lower hard rubber pressure roller. The laminating roller is heated with an infra-red heating spiral, with a sensitive contact temperature sensor. The pressure is mechanically adjustable to achieve the pressure between the laminating rollers and the unit is equipped with an adjustable decurl unit.

The Foliant 520T is a manual machine, for an easy paper loading the laminating unit is equipped with a synchronized feeding conveyor and an adjustable side guider. Separation of laminated sheets are handled manually. Due to the perforation of film which is done in the process of laminating, the whole process is easy. An optional separator unit can be added at a later date.

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Colordyne Press Release – 1600-PC Installation

Colordyne Press Release – 1600-PC Installation

LYTASA amps up versatility with Colordyne 1600-PC Laser Pro digital printing press installation

CDT_1600_PC_Laser_Pro_2BROOKFIELD, WI – November 13, 2013 – Litografica y Tipografica America, S.A. de C.V. (LYTASA) is looking forward to the installation of a Colordyne Technologies™ (CDT) 1600-PC Laser Pro digital label and tag printing press in January 2014. The company strives to meet the high standards of printing that its customers and their companies need. Purchasing a 1600-PC Laser Pro was a decision that will help LYTASA continue to reach that goal.

“We chose the Laser Pro because of the speed and versatility,” said LYTASA president Javier Simon. “Also, we liked that the maintenance is very easy and can be done by our operator.”

The CDT 1600-PC Laser Pro allows users to save time with its fully equipped in-line digital printing, UV varnishing, laminating and laser die-cutting capabilities. The press offers the best in digital efficiency and cost effectiveness. With the combination of the highest resolution (1600 x 1200 dpi), fastest speeds (160 ft./min.) and lowest capital cost in the industry, the Laser Pro is the complete turnkey digital printing solution. Memjet™ technology allows for resolution using 1.2 pico liter ink droplets-the smallest in the industry.

“The press is going to give us the versatility we require to print short runs and variable data,” said Simon.

“We are excited to see the CDT 1600-PC Laser Pro transform LYTASA’s business,” said Emily Kroll, senior global account executive at CDT. “One of the key benefits of this system is that there are no monthly maintenance contracts or click charges enabling the operator to maintain the press without any outside service contracts. In fact, this press is so productive that there is virtually no down time.”

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, LYTASA has been in the market for more than 70 years. The company prints pressure sensitive labels, folding boxes, traditional labels and commercial jobs. Visit for more information.

Press release provided by Colordyne Technologies

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The Drylam ALM3220 Auto Laminator

Drylam ALM3220 Auto Laminator

The DryLam ALM3220 Automatic Laminator

Drylam ALM3220 Auto Laminator

DryLam is taking lamination of On-Demand Digital Prints to a new level. With the Fujipla ALM3220, laminating of Digital Prints has never been easier! The ALM3220 will automatically feed, laminate and trim Digital Prints virtually unattended, freeing you to work on other profitable tasks. When coupled with our ASAP film, the ALM3220 becomes an instant profit-generator for you! Get this amazing machine only from Dry-Lam, America’s Leader in Digital On-Demand and Wide Format Printing Lamination. Visit MSL online at 

The ALM 3220 Automatic Laminator

  • Fully Automatic Two-Sided Machine
  • Automatic Feeder, Trimming, & Stacking
  • Absolutely No Labor Required
  • Top Quality Lamination
  • Size Versatility and Trimming Options Available to Meet Any Needs

For additional product information contact MSL at 1-800-343-4231 or at CLICK HERE to be directed to the ALM3220

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MSL – Layers Magazine Tip of the Day!


MSL – Layers Magazine Tip of the Day!

The new Tool Hints panel (Window>Utilities>Tool Hints) lists all the hidden modifier key behaviors available for the currently selected tool. For example, look at the Tool Hints panel when the Selection tool is active to discover that to select an item in a group, you no longer have to switch to the Direct Selection tool first. You can just double-click on the item with the Selection tool. To jump back up to having the group selected, simply press the Esc key.

Layers Magazine – Tip provided by Michael Ninness

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The Standard Horizon AFC-564A computer-controlled folder

AFC564A566AThe Standard Horizon AFC-564A computer-controlled folder combines superior feeding and registration with touch-screen control. An operator can select from 14 pre-set folds or set up to 200 custom folds, all with touch screen ease. With automated set-up, user-friendly graphical interface, and legendary Horizon construction and reliability, the AFC-564A is ideally suited to the most challenging production environments.


High performance and automation distinguish this space efficient cross-knife folder. The large color touch-screen provides simple, powerful user interface.

  • Set-up 14 fold patters by simply touch the corresponding icon and inputting the sheet size on the large LCD color touch-screen
  • Equipped with 4 buckles, 1 cross knife, and 2 buckles under the cross knife
  • Fold rollers are constructed with a combination of steel and soft polyurethane for superior grip and sharp, consistent folding
  • Horizon’s advanced rotary suction fee system delivers fast consistent feeding on a wide range of paper stocks
  • The optional extension table enables to load the sheets up to 1,100 mm (43.3″) long
  • Automated setups take just a few seconds. The LCD touch-screen prompts the operator through all remaining settings for fast, efficient production. All adjustments are user-friendly and require minimal skill or training
  • Up to 200 job settings can be memorized for quick and easy recall of regular jobs
  • The AFC-564A can be enhanced with JDF workflow from upstream to the postpress using pXnet bindery control system

Automated Setup (AFC-564A: 10 Sections)

  • Side Lay Guide
  • 1st Buckle
  • 2nd Buckle
  • 3rd Buckle
  • 4th Buckle
  • Knife Stopper
  • Knife Guides (Front)
  • Knife Guides (Rear)
  • K1 Buckle Below Knife
  • K2 Buckle Below Knife

The AFC-566A model is also available and features 17 fold patterns and 6 buckles. Additional folds include the Zigzag (6 panel fold), the Zigzag (7 panel fold), and the Roll Fold. Additional options available for both the AFC-564A and the AFC-566A:

  • Gate Fold Buckle: GFB-56
  • Gluing Unit: CGU-50
  • Front Perforation Unit: FP-56 (Factory Option)
  • Press Stacker: PST-40
  • Side Blowing Unit
  • Round Pile Feeder Unit: FRU-54
  • Image Checking System: CCD-AFC
  • Extension Table: LT-56
  • Strip Trim Device: AF-ST5
  • Strip & Edge – Trim Device: CGU-T56
  • Skip Perforation Unit: FSP-56
  • Supersonic Double Feed Detect Sensor
  • Blades (Slit/Perforation)
  • Edge Trim Device: KT-ET5
  • pXnet
  • Mobile Knife Fold Unit: MKU-54/54T
  • Press Stacker with Pile Delivery: PSX-56

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Bacon will never look the same! 3D Printing & The Future







Mobius Bacon Strip Cooked Up Through Magic of 3D Printing

Bacon will never look the same again now that you’ve laid eyes upon a 3D-printed Mobius bacon strip.

Mobius Bacon Strip Cooked Up Through Magic of 3D Printing by Amanda Kooser

Faking bacon. (Credit: Joaquin Baldwin)


We may have to wait awhile for true 3D-printed meat, but in the meantime, we can take solace in a 3D-printed Mobius bacon strip. This bacon strip simultaneously evokes deep feelings of bacon-past and challenges our perception of what bacon is.

If M.C. Escher were to design breakfast products, this is the bacon he would come up with. It’s a never-ending circle of pork that owes its existence to advances in 3D printing.

Though the bacon strip looks convincingly realistic, it’s not edible. That makes it safe for vegetarians. We’ll have to leave it up to molecular gastronomists to come up with the real thing.

The Mobius bacon strip can be yours for $19 on Shapeways. It is printed in full color with sandstone, a gypsum-based powder bound together with adhesive. Yum. Much like an actual crispy strip of bacon, this material is hard, but also brittle. You’ll want to take care not to squeeze your Mobius bacon strip too lovingly.

Author: Amanda Kooser – See Full Article CLICK HERE


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Print World News 2012, Last Day for Registration!

Today is the last day for online registration.


Over 200 Exhibitors

Focus on the growing shorter-run market at PRINT WORLD

If you offer equipment and products for the shorter-run printing market, there is no better place in the world to be than Print World: The World of Shorter-Run Printing, Toronto, November 2012.

Come to the “buying show” at the gateway to North America.

Where Printers Shop
Thousands of qualified buyers of shorter-run printing equipment come to Print World to comparison shop, network, take home new ideas and product literature, attend seminars and live demonstrations, and make crucial investment decisions. Show your solutions to this targeted, enthusiastic audience by exhibiting at Print World.

A proven success at delivering the hard to reach, shorter to medium-length market, Print World attracts visitors from small and mid-size commercial shops to quick printers, corporate inplants, print-on-demand shops, prepress shops, digital printers, print brokers and forms distributors. Larger printers with interests in short-run work have been attending in increasing numbers.

By strictly limiting the size of offset presses on exhibit to a 29″(4-up to 6-up sheet size) and smaller, Print World provides the perfect venue where total exhibitor and visitor interest is focused on this increasing direction of print.

Over 8,000 graphic arts professionals/attendees took in the last show, held in November 2010. By successfully adapting to meet the needs of a changing printing market, Print World is one of the few printing trade shows to grow its presence in the industry.

Download the Brochure