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Air purifiers to protect against respiratory infections

IDEAL air purifiers help to contain the spread of pathogens

What can we do protect ourselves and others?

SARS-CoV-2 is a novel virus from the Coronavirus family. It is genetically related to the SARS virus from 2003. Coronaviruses can affect people and animals and cause a range of different diseases, primarily respiratory infections (colds and coughs) right up to serious cases of pneumonia. The official name for the disease according to the WHO is ”COVID-19“ (”Coronavirus disease 2019“).

How is the NEW CORONAVIRUS Transmitted?

Experts are working on the basis that the virus is transmitted by human-to-human droplet inflection, mainly through respiratory secretions. The finest droplets of saliva or mucus remain suspended in the air for different periods of time and can be breathed in. There may be a risk of infection even before the first symptoms occur.

Viruses are most frequently caught through droplet infection. The pathogens are embedded in minuscule droplets of respiratory secretions and are transmitted by sneezing, coughing and speaking. Larger droplets descend and are transmitted within a radius of approximately one meter. Smaller droplets remain suspended in the air for a long time and can cause infection, even from a distance.

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Infection?

As with the influenza virus, the best way to protect yourself is to avoid contact with people infected with the virus, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly and boost your immune system. To generally reduce the concentration of viruses indoors, we recommend using air purifiers.

Situation for Companies & Employees

The fact is: There is a residual risk of being infected by people who have the virus but are not yet displaying any symptoms. This can happen during flights, when visiting trade fairs or in international meetings.

Why & How Do Air Purifiers Help?

What can companies do to actively protect their employees (and business partners)? The risk of human-to-human transmission is not easy to avoid. Placing air purifiers in your meeting rooms, offices, the lobby and other shared rooms can be an effective addition to the package of measures. IDEAL air purifiers help to significantly reduce the concentration of viruses in indoor air. Thanks to their highly efficient, multi-stage filters, the AP PRO models almost entirely eliminate pathogens and pollutants from indoor air – and don‘t release them again. This is ensured by various physical effects, such as the ”diffusion effect“, which cause viruses to land directly in the filter fibers, where they remain suspended.

What do you get out of this? Peace of mind for your employees – and your business partners.   

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Think Smart Factory 2019

November 11th – 13th, 2019, the first Think Smart Factory will take place in Kyoto, Japan. The target group of international event are future-oriented print service providers who want to fully automate their processes.

Kyoto, Japan – A consortium of industry partners are coming together this November to demonstrate technology in a very special format. The Think Smart Factory 2019 will be held in Kyoto, Japan and it stands to be a very unique glimpse at a future that’s coming together right now at a future-defining moment for our industry.

 The collaborate expo stands to turn things over by integrating every manufacture in a way to best demonstrate the interconnectedness and integration that these partners have been working for decades to create. Technologies of all kinds are coming together for the industry’s first attempt at a complete Smart Factory.

The special expo will be broken into common industry departments such as futuristic workflow controlled inkjet printing direct to roll. There will be a special sheet processing zone for demonstrating a new future of job ticketing and work processing. Rolls can be finished directly to saddle stitched books. There will also be a Smart Stitching Zone, Smart Binding Zone, Smart Folding Zone, and even a shipping zone.

Attendees will be treated to fully integrated applications showcasing uses of robot arms and automated vehicles. Arms can load binders at peak efficiency while smart AVG (Automated Guided Vehicles) transport finished work to the shipping zone.

This exhibition stands to demonstrate a new wave of technology and special processes that are more or less available today. Those attending will see the effort of thousands of engineers coming together in a way that’s never been seen before. Look forward to reporting direct from the event!

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WhatTheyThink: Standard Finishing’s Red Hot Technologies

WhatTheyThink, Published on October 8, 2019

The Horizon VAC-L600H Air-Suction Collator and Hunkeler LS-30 Long Stacker were two Red Hot Technology Award-winning products that Standard demonstrated at PRINT 19 last week. Click here to watch the video:

VAC-L600H Air-Suction Collator

The Horizon VAC-L600H Air-Suction Collator features an expanded capacity and improved feeding performance. With a suction rotor feed system, the VAC-L600H can reliably and efficiently feed a wide range of paper weights and textures with minimal effort.

Combined with the StitchLiner Mark III or the SPF-200L Bookletmaker, the system is capable of producing A4 landscape booklets, large format calendars, and more with ease and efficiency.

For additional information on Standard Horizon’s finishing equipment, please contact us at 810.238.7370.

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Printmates makes digital advances with Horizon folder

Printmates makes digital advances with Horizon folder

The Horizon CRF-362 Creaser/Folder gives Printmates an advantage on short-run digital work. Click here to read the full article or watch a product video below!

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Baum 20 VFM Scoring/Perforating/Slitting Solution

Baum 20 VFM Scoring/Perforating/Slitting Solution

The BAUM 20 VFM SCORING/PERFORATING/SLITTING Units are your answer to provide you with a complete solution for Scoring, Perforating and Slitting.

The 20 VFM can be used by itself or in conjunction with other Baum Equipment such as the Baum CF20 Folder or in- line with other manufacturer’s equipment such as a U V Coater. The Baum VFM can also do timed slitting and perforating by adding the Timed Perforation attachment.

The BAUM 20 VFM design incorporates the already well proven robustness and superior features of the popular BAUM 20 Pile feed with 1st, 2nd and 3rd station folders. Since the 20VFM utilizes rotary scoring and perforating verses strike scoring and or perforating is much faster and more versatile. This with reduce your scoring and perforating costs considerably.

Each BAUM 20 VFM section has three sets of removable cartridge slitter shaft assemblies that use the same tooling as the BAUM 20 folders.

The three slitter shaft design provides superior sheet control and alignment for multiple applications. This allows you to do multiple lines of scoring and perforating in a single pass. The three shaft design allows you to place your perforations and/or scores much closer together than on a single shaft design. Click here to learn more about the BAUM 20 VFM>>>

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Mitsubishi Paper will exhibit at drupa 2016

Mitsubishi Paper will exhibit at drupa 2016

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd. (MPM) will exhibit at “drupa 2016,” the world’s leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions held in Düsseldorf, Germany, May 31st to June 10th.

Please visit the MPM Booth in Hall 8B, Stand D24

Mitsubishi is Print

MPM has made significant contributions to the development of the print industry. Our innovative, affordable, eco –friendly platemaking equipment (CTPs) and plate material in polyester, paper and now metal, support a range of print production needs. From screen printers to news printers, from small to mid-size commercial printers, our CTP solutions answer a variety of business needs.

Mitsubishi is Paper

With a 100 + year history, MPM has been at the forefront of advancements driving the digital print age. Through extensive R & D, technological innovations, experience and know-how MPM has engineered papers that meet and exceed today’s most advanced communication needs and printing platforms. Whether it’s high-speed Production Inkjet, wide format commercial or art and photographic papers, you can count on MPM to deliver high quality, reliable papers for an array of purposes.

Mitsubishi is Your Partner

MPM is a partner you can trust. We are committed to manufacturing the best possible products to help our customers grow their business. Through ingenuity, experience and foresight we continue to bring new and inventive products to market that elevate and lead the progression of printing.

Article Provided by Mitsubishi Imaging. Click here to read their article.

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Eliminate security risks with MSL’s Flint Shredders

Eliminate security risks with MSL's Flint Shredders

Eliminate security risks with MSL’s Flint Shredders

As spring inches closer and closer, we wanted to share a few interesting facts and tips on shredding to help get you ready for some good spring cleaning!

Did You Know: According to a 1988 Supreme Court Ruling (California vs. Greenwood), when a person throws something out, that item is now the public domain. Any piece of material may be taken without permission.
  • Tip: Use shredded paper in your compost pile.
  • Tip: Donate shredded paper to animal shelters.
  • Did You Know: Approximately 1 bag of cross cut paper shreds equals 5 bags of straight cut paper shreds.

Security and liability are concerns for every business owner. Eliminate risk with MSL’s Flint Shredders’ line of commercial paper shredders and hard drive shredding machines. We carry a wide model range and variety of paper shredders. Contact us for additional information or CLICK HERE to check out our models.

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Intel Unveils New ‘Clear’ Typeface

By Jillian Wong, 10 Apr 2014
Press Release

Intel Unveils New 'Clear' TypefaceIntel has unveiled its new global typeface called ‘Intel Clear’, its first font overhaul in its 45-year history.

Designed by design agency Red Peak Branding and font studio Dalton Maag, the typeface is meant to work across all writing systems and media platforms.

The old Intel font was only available in Latin and similar-looking styles were required for other scripts, leading to inconsistency issues and multiple licensing deals. The new typeface aims to provide a unified and simplified look across multiple communication channels.

“Intel needed a brand font with personality… to be read by a five-year-old as much as by an 80-year-old, used in small, large, in print, on screen and on devices that haven’t even been invented yet,” explained Dalton Maag creative director Bruno Maag in an interview with Creative Review.

The agency worked on the project for a year, coming up with a cleaner design that exemplifies its values of openness and friendliness through rounded strokes and soft angles. “If you look at the way the lowercase ‘a’ terminates, there’s a nice feature in the bottom of the stroke, a little like calligraphy pen lettering. We wanted the characters to have a human, friendly quality,” said Maag.

One of the challenges was ensuring it looked modern across different scripts. Another issue was ensuring it was optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions, from smartphones to tablets and computers. The third concern was having characters that meet the height restrictions of bounding boxes on gadgets; characters needed to be generous and relaxed to avoid looking too cluttered on small screens.

Work is still in progress on ‘Intel Clear’ and it currently has Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts available.

Check out more pictures of the new typeface below. What are your thoughts on it?


Special Solutions – The Degausser Unit

The Degausser Unit from MBM, erases hard drives (laptop, desktop, and network up to 1-1/2″ high) and high capacity media, including all formats LTO (1,2,3,4), Super DLT I and II, AIT, 3590 Series, 8 mm and more.

Fast 60 second cycle time. High field strength and encompassing magnetic field ensure data is completely erased and non-recoverable, regardless of operating system or interface. Digital status indicator, field strength verification and no moving parts allow for extremely quiet operation. Rated for continuous operation (no cooling necessary).

Degausser also available as a stand alone unit. See product information here.

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Efficiency in Small-Format Offset Printing

Efficiency in Small-Format Offset Printing

baumprint18With its high level of automation, the BaumPrint™ 18 creates the ideal conditions for cost-effective production of one- two-, and multi-color jobs. The compact single-sheet feeder can handle an exceptionally wide range of formats and printing stock.
The BaumPrint 18 is the ideal press for high-quality print items for private and business use. Its compact design and ease of operation combine with versatile standard and optional equipment to handle a variety of formats and stocks efficiently, with high quality and consistency, and less waste. BaumPrint 18 features include bearer-to-bearer pressure for consistent dot transfer, longer plate and blanket life, and increased quality of all printed pieces, sensor-controlled pile feeding, outstanding sheet separation, and much more!
The BaumPrint 18 printing unit delivers superb color brilliance and top quality. Here are the advantages for your printing process at a glance:
  • Make-ready Times: The AutoPlate automatic plate changer enables rapid job changes and cuts make- ready times.
  • Productivity: The high level of automation enables you to complete a large volume of jobs in a short time, thereby delivering measurably greater efficiency when producing one- and two-color commercial jobs.
  • Quality:The large inking unit, alcohol-free direct continuous dampening system and smooth sheet travel deliver consistent, high-quality print results.
  • Cost-effectiveness: You can produce one- and two-color jobs using a range of formats and printing stock incredibly cost-effectively.
  • Ergonomics: You benefit from the ease of use and compact, space-saving construction of the press.
Don’t miss your chance to demo the BaumPrint 18 on November 6th & 7th, 2013, right here in Flint! If you haven’t RSVP yet, time is running out CLICK HERE.
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