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Request a Sample Pack Today!

Watch you mailbox for your Meteor DP8700 XL sample pack, coming soon from MSL. Request yours today!

Sample Pack Booklet

Some of the substrates you can expect to find in your sample packet include: canvas, plastics, coated paper, polycarbonate, envelopes and letterhead along with and example of the Meteor’s exclusive superformat capabilities. Call MSL at 800.343.4231 or visit our website today to find out more.

Introduction to MSL Packets Available Soon

Mid-State Litho, Inc.

Are you a new MSL customer or would like to learn more about the various products and equipment available through MSL? We are currently putting together packets introducing MSL and our products and services to our customers. The packets will contain information on both large commercial and mid-range production equipment, an overview of supplies and contact information for our sales team members and service department. If you are considering purchase of new print production equipment and are looking for a new place to find supplies, this packet is a great starting point. To request a introduction packet, please email, call 800.343.4231, or contact your MSL sales representative.

MSL’s Graphic Express Celebrates 1 Year!

The Graphic Express

August 2012 marks the 1 year anniversary of MSL’s monthly e-newsletter, The Graphic Express. The Graphic Express highlights the most valued and popular articles from it’s counterpart, MSL’s blog. The e-newsletter covers special events, tips and advice from MSL’s Steve Barrett, news and updates from MSL, vendor and industry news and special monthly promotions. If you are not currently subscribed to our newsletter, you can sign-up here. Don’t miss out on any more deals or find yourself out of the loop on the latest industry news. To find out more about our newsletter and other promotional emails, please email

Help MSL celebrate The Graphic Express’s anniversary. Receive 10% off * your next webshop purchase. Use coupon code: ANNIVERSARY at checkout. Be sure caps locks is on.

*You must be a resident of the state of Michigan. Limit one use per business. $100 minimum order. Offer excludes equipment, parts, service and businesses with contract pricing (previously agreed upon pricing with MSL) for supplies. Applies only to new supply orders. Offer expires September 22, 2012.

Receive 2% Discount from USPS When You Include a QR Code

This July and August, the United States Post Office is offering a 2% discount for commercial mailers who include a QR code or other mobile code on their mailings. The promotion gives businesses the opportunity to receive a 2% discount upfront when they mail First Class Mail and Standard Mail letters, flats and cards with a mobile code.  Smart mobile device users must be sent to a mobile optimized website where they can buy a product advertised on the printed mailer.

United States Postal Service

As you may have read in an earlier articles on MSL’s blog, direct mailings and printed advertisements have been shown to be the most effective marketing strategy, surpassing digital methods such as email. USPS wants to promote and bring awareness to the effectiveness of direct mailings, particularly when they are linked with online and digital media. QR codes give consumers the opportunity to actively and immediately participate in a marketing campaign or sales event.

QR code

USPS will run the same campaign again in November, when businesses will have the chance to earn an extra 1%, a total discount of 3%, if they mailers are sent Priority Mail. More conditions apply. Read more about the USPS’s mobile code discount.


Find Deals on Used Inventory

MSL is pleased to offer a wide variety of solutions for every business’s needs and budgets, including quality used equipment. Find reliable equipment from MSL at lower prices. Whether you’re looking at new or used equipment, we are happy to help you make the right decision for you and your company. Our team members are here to help you. Schedule a demo or call to find out more at 800.343.4231. We have listed some of the used equipment currently available from MSL.

Horizon FC-10 and SPF-10

  • The Horizon FC-10 and SPF-10 combination booklet maker stitches and folds at top speeds and can be put in line with a Horizon collator. Easy to operate, this user-friendly booklet maker provides quality trimming and high precision folding. Variable delivery belt advancement insures smooth delivery and easy handing regardless of book thickness. If your business is in need of a reliable and affordable folder/stitcher, MSL invites you to check out this FC/SPF-10 combination booklet maker from Horizon.

ABDick DPM 2340

  • The ABDick DPM 2340 combines leading-edge internal drum technology with reliable in-line processing to provide you with this state-of-the-art platemaker. The DPM 2340 is an advanced platemaker using precision internal drum technology and an integrated processor. The platemaker interfaces with feature enhanced PrintersRIP® software.

Mitsubishi DPX4 Platesetter

  • The Mitsubishi DPX4 Platesetter was designed for print shops looking for the quality found in a CTP, but have a budget they need to stick to. This polyester plate imager provides that but at significantly less cost as compared to metal. Known for high quality platestters, Mitsubishi’s DPX4 offers a small shop footprint automatic computer-to-polyester plate system. Easy to operate and maintain, this Mitsubishi DPX4 Platesetter is for the print shop looking for space-saving, efficient platesetter at a manageable price.

IntoPrint DP100GA

  • The Intoprint DP100GA (Dynamic Envelope Printer) was designed and built with the commercial printer in mind. The DP100GA offers quality reproduction, versatility, and a high level of productivity for that short-run application. The Fiery RIP ensures that the 55 full-color No. 10 envelopes produced per minute have consistent high quality color. You can quickly change from small invitations to custom 12 x 18 in a matter of seconds and print mono, spot, or full color.

Standard ST-60 Dual Stacker

  • The Standard ST-60 Dual Stacker provides your shop with continuous production. The dual stacker automatically diverts collated sets to a second stacker when one stacker is full. The ST-60 is also equipped with an eject station for irregular sets to allow non-stop production. If your shop is based on productivity and efficiency, this Standard ST-60 dual stacker is worth a look.

Standard SD25

  • The Standard SD-25 UV Curing System was created by Standard to complement the operating capabilities of the SD450, SD622 and SD650 Digital Duplicators. This ultra-violet curing system allows these Digital Duplicators to dry the print instantly to the printed sheets. The SD25-UV is simple to use and expands the range of stocks and applications that were not possible before with traditional digital duplicator process.

You can find even more quality used print and graphic arts equipment on our used equipment page. Email or with any questions.

Less Than One Week Until Digital Freedom

Oakland SchoolsMSL’s Digital Freedom Tour will continue next Wednesday, March 28th from 10am to 5pm. The show will take place at Oakland School’s Summit Campus and will feature MGI’s new digital press, the Meteor DP8700 XL. MSL would like to invite all of our customers to come and experience digital freedom. You can find directions here. RSVP to

The Meteor gives you:

  • Freedom from click charges
  • Freedom to print in large, versatile formats (13″ x 40″!)
  • Freedom from environmental risks and hazards
  • Freedom to print laser safe digital work
  • Freedom to print envelopes on a digital press
  • Freedom to explore new substrates

Other equipment featured at the show will include:

MSL's sample pack coming soon

Request a sample pack of what the Meteor is capable of today! Call 800.343.4231 or email

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One Day Left to Receive 10% Off!

After today there is only one day left to take advantage of the 10%  off discount* MSL is offering to all new e-mail list members. If you have already signed up, be sure to place your next purchase order today to take advantage of the deal. If you haven’t signed-up yet, there is still time. Sign-up and receive this and other special promotions and discounts only available to e-mail list members, while ensuring you keep up to date on all the  news, events and tips from MSL and the graphic arts industry.

*You must sign-up to be a member of MSL’s email list to receive discount. Limit one use per business. Offer excludes equipment, parts, service, and supplies with contract pricing.  Offer applies only to new supply orders. Coupon code or sign-up must be mentioned upon placement of order over the phone. Webshop order discounts will be validated.

Would You Like 10% Off Your Next Supply Order?

MSL is offering 10% off supply orders for all new email list members. If you are not a member of our email list, now is the time to sign-up so you can receive your 10% discount. Simply email, or go to our website to sign-up today. You must sign-up to be a member of MSL’s email list to receive discount. Limit one use per business. Offer excludes equipment, parts, service, and supplies with contract pricing.  Offer applies only to new supply orders. Order must be placed over the phone, and sign-up must be mentioned upon placement of order. Offer expires December 31, 2011.