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Pamarco launches new ‘Fidelity’ water rollers

Pamarco launches new ‘Fidelity’ water rollers

Written By Bill Ford

After a year in development, we have created a product that we believe will surpass everything else on the market. But rather than tell you ourselves, we decided to share some feedback that we got from a happy customer. Here’s what Jeff Satterfield, of Highland Computer Forms, has to say about his ‘Fidelity’ experience:

In Terms of the Hype

“I just want you to know that the Pamarco rollers that were sent to me for testing have lived up to everything you said they would do in regards to performance. Through the education classes that Carmon Madison presented to my staff, our roller performance improved with the old compound so much that when you said that we would see an even better performance from the new compound – well, to be totally honest, I thought it was just a sales pitch. Boy was I off base.”

In Terms of the Performance

“It was an immediate change in the ink train, we needed to reduce our water speed (as you said would happen) because the plates were getting way too much water. The water speed was reduced from plus 19 to plus 7. We also were able to reduce our ink speeds by 5 numbers as well. The ink transfer is super with these rollers, so much so that we run all of our heavy solids on this unit with little to no problems whatsoever.”

And an Added Benefit

“Now that we have had several months using the rollers, we have noticed some other benefits. Our chrome rollers and pan rollers are staying so much cleaner on this unit when compared to any other units on the press. We installed the test compound rollers on 8/21/16, and they are performing just as good today, 3/7/17, as they did on day one.”

In Summary

“They are amazing.”

Thanks to Jeff and his team at Highland Computer Forms for partnering with us and for really putting Fidelity through its paces. We are looking forward to many more happy customers as we roll Fidelity out.

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BAUMPRINT 18 Offset Press

BAUMPRINT 18 Offset Press

baumprint18Since 1917 Baumfolder Corporation, Sidney, Ohio, has designed and manufactured folding machines and related bindery equipment for the graphic arts industry. Now Baum has added small-format offset printing to complete their full line of high-quality, durable products designed to increase productivity & profitability. With its high level of automation, the BaumPrint™ 18 provides excellent conditions for cost-effective production of single and multi-color offset printing jobs.

The BaumPrint 18 is the ideal press for high-quality print items for private and business use. Its compact design and ease of operation combine with versatile standard and optional equipment to handle a variety of formats and stocks efficiently, with high quality and consistency, and less waste.

BaumPrint 18 features include bearer-to-bearer pressure for consistent dot transfer, longer plate and blanket life, and increased quality of all printed pieces, sensor-controlled pile feeding, outstanding sheet separation, electronic sheet-travel monitoring, precise sheet alignment, helical gearing, AutoPlate integrated register system, large inking/dampening unit, laser-slit knife-type ink fountain, and automatic blanket wash-up. Numbering, imprinting and longitudinal perforation can be done in a single pass, further extending the range of applications for the BaumPrint 18.

For additional information visit Mid-State Litho, Inc. at for more information about the NEW BaumPrint 18 press.

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MSL – Print & Graphic Art Supplies

Mid-State Litho

Print & Graphic Art Supplies

Search our printing and graphic arts supplies and products by visiting our webshop.

MSL offers a wide variety of printshop and graphic art supplies. A number of products are in-stock and available on our webshop, while many more are available for order over the phone.

MSL has made shopping online for your graphic supply needs simple. You can shop by solutions or manufacturer. If you need help with any items you contact us at 1-800-343-4231 or you can email us at



For additional information or ordering assistance, please contact us at 1-800-343-4231 or by email at

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Sakurai USA, Inc.

You may have already read some of our vendor profiles, including MBM Corporation and Challenge Machinery. Continuing with Mid-State’s vendor profile series, we would next like to introduce  you to Sakurai USA.

Sakurai USA, Inc.


Sakurai has been in business for over 65 years and a US Corporation for over 20. Sakurai specializes in offset and screen presses. They design their machines to be user-friendly and equipped with devices like an automatic plate changing system and SIS (Sakurai InterActive system). Sakurai is based in Schaumburg Illinois where they have a demonstration and training center. Their is to provide quality, economical presses with the latest technology. To ensure customers are getting the support they need, Sakurai frequently hosts training programs for dealers at their facilities. Sakurai’s line of offset presses include:

Oliver 96 SD Series

Oliver 96 SD Series

These fully automated 4-6 color presses are incredibly cost effective machines featuring a 37.9″ x 25.19″ sheet size and all of the necessary modern automation features as standard items. 96SD presses can manufacture 8-up A4 or letter sized printing with margin to spare. The entire series has been developed with heavy-duty construction at a competitive price and with a footprint 20% smaller than offset presses of equivalent sheet size.

Oliver 75 Series

Sakurai Oliver 75 Series

The Sakurai Oliver Automated Presses come in many varieties; four to six colors, an optional coater, and a sheet perfecting model for precise and economical two sided printing. When the operator loads a JDF (Job Definition Format) file format, the press automatically positions ink keys and paper guides while the operator is preparing for his job. This extra level of automation decreases set-up times and increases the efficiency & productivity of the press.

To find out more about Sakurai and their products, visit MSL’s website or call us at toll free at 800.343.4231.

‘Tis the Season…

For Print! The holidays are a busy time for those in the printing industry. Paper is used to wrap gifts, send cards and package and ship presents. So, in celebration of the season, this article is going to focus on the holiday tradition of Christmas greeting cards.

Greeting Cards are a Holiday Tradition for Many Families

Until the 1840’s, it was already a tradition among families to write Christmas letters or to send a handmade Christmas card. The post office became so overwhelmed with the practice, the U.S. Superintendent of Mails asked Congress to abolish or limit the practice in 1822. Instead, mass production of holiday cards began in England in the mid 1840’s when Sir Henry Cole commissioned artist John Calcott Horsely to create the first printed Christmas card which could easily be sent to numerous family and friends. Each panel on the outside of the card depicted people helping the poor and needy, and the inner panel showed a family enjoying a festive Christmas. It contained the simple message, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To You”. Christmas greeting cards began being printed in the US in the 1870’s by a German immigrant named Louis Prang in Boston. Today, the American Christmas card is still a popular tradition, with more than 2 billion cards being sent each year.

MSL is happy to play a small role in this holiday tradition, providing print equipment and service to Michigan based card manufacturers. Offset presses such as the Sakurai Oliver 96 SD Series Fully Automated Offset Press are used to create quality products for consumers to enjoy, hang on the back of doors, in the hallway or on the fridge, sending a little Christmas cheer to someone else.

Happy Holidays, from MSL!

How Products are Made–, Volume 5
The Great Idea Finder–

On a Budget? Find Used Printing Equipment from MSL

Mid-State Litho has provided quality sales and support to our customers for over 25 years. Along with the newest equipment lines from our vendors, we also have several pieces of used equipment available. Buying used equipment is a smart way to update your shop or venture into a new market, without having to pay the full price you would find on a similar piece of equipment. MSL has recently been making a lot of changes to our website, including the addition of a used equipment page. Look for this page to be updated frequently, as used equipment often moves fast.

Used printing equipment currently available through MSL includes:

The Hamada RS-34 LS is a versatile two-color printing press from Hamada made to be durable and user-friendly. If you are looking for an easy-keeper offset press which will please your customers with high-quality product and benefit your shop, you want to take a closer look at this Hamada RS-34 offset press

The Horizon FC-10 and SPF-10 combination booklet maker stitches and folds at top speeds, and can be put in line with a Horizon collator. Easy to operate, this user-friendly booklet maker provides quality trimming and high precision folding. Variable delivery belt advancement insures smooth delivery and easy handing regardless of book thickness. If your business is in need of a reliable and affordable folder/stitcher, MSL invites you to check out this FC/SPF-10 combination booklet maker from Horizon.

The Champion Paper Cutter is the only UL listed cutter in its class. Simple job programming and rugged construction ensure dependability and productivity. The Champion is made to go all day, every day, without pausing for time consuming maintenance. Menu assisted job set-up and tangible numeric buttons aid in simplifying the otherwise complicated task of programming a job and storing it. Challenge’s unique software system lets you enter measurements however you like, enter in inches, fractions or millimeters and they will be converted on the fly to save you time This Challenge paper cutter will benefit your business with increased productivity, while satisfying your bottom-line.

The Mitsubishi DPX4 Platesetter was designed for print shops looking for the quality found in a CTP, but have a budget they need to stick to. This polyester plate imager provides that but at significantly less cost as compared to metal. Known for high quality platestters, Mitsubishi’s DPX4 offers a small shop footprint automatic computer-to-polyester plate system. Easy to operate and maintain, this Mitsubishi DPX4 Platesetter is for the print shop looking for space-saving, efficient platesetter at a manageable price.

The Standard ST-60 Dual Stacker provides your shop with continuous production. The dual stacker automatically diverts collated sets to a second stacker when one stacker is full. The ST-60 is also equipped with an eject station for irregular sets to allow non-stop production. If your shop is based on productivity and efficiency, this Standard ST-60 dual stacker is worth a closer look.

If you are looking to update your shop, keep these products in mind, and remember, check back for used printing equipment often.

MSL Completes Baumprint 18 Level 2 Training

Baum’s extensive service training program for the BaumPrint 18 dealers continues this week with the second Level 2 class completing their work.

At Mid-State Litho we believe that factory support is a critical part of ensuring that we offer the absolute best service to our customers. Because of this we have sent out senior service technician, Brent Taylor, to participate in Baum’s 3 step program for service training.


MSL Completes Baumprint 18 Tech Training

BAUM this week held another Level 3 training program on [the] BaumPrint 18 Press.

Shown below is Brent Taylor of Mid-State Litho (on left) receiving his completion certificate from David Loyd, Baum Trainer for the BaumPrint 18.

[Baum’s] factory training program is comprised of 3 levels of training, and each dealer is required to pass all three levels for program certification. BAUM congratulates Brent on completion of his product certification!

MSL 2009 Spring Expo

WMU Students

Western Michigan University students listen to Johnny Horton speak about the Sakurai Color Console

Our 2009 Spring Equipment EXPO has now come and gone. We had some wonderful weather with an early spring warm front keeping temperatures well over 60 degrees. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with corned-beef sandwiches, green cupcakes, and green printing. Attendance was high and interest was focused tightly on our demonstrations of waterless printing running Toray printing plates on a Sakurai Oliver 466SD. Johnny Horton ran the press while Takuhiku Abe of Sakurai Japan spoke with attendees about the Sakurai product line and facilities. Eric Friedman gave some very insightful seminars on Toray and their revolutionary waterless printing plates.

Expo attendees watch the Sakurai Oliver 466SD run waterless printing while others watch a seminar on waterless.

Expo attendees watch the Sakurai Oliver 466SD run waterless printing while others watch a seminar on waterless.

Also shown was Rena’s modular mailing system including the T-750 Tabber and XT 3.0 Address Imager with assistance from Jason Tyson. Dave Mason from Standard Horizon was present with a StitchLiner Saddlestitcher and BQ-270 Perfect Binder Bookletmaker. Central Michigan Paper provided the paper used for press demonstrations and also set up a table staffed by paper expert Beverly Block.

Michigan manufacturer Challenge Machinery had regional sales manager Britty Carry on hand showing a 30.5″ Champion Hydraulic Paper Cutter.

Hamada of America Closing, Safety Net in Place


By now some end users and industry insiders have likely heard the news that Hamada of Japan will be closing their North American branch office, Hamada of America, effective March 31st, 2009. Hamada of Japan will be taking over much of the workload handled by the American branch. This bump in the road is likely to present some new challenges for people working to support the product line. With parts now coming directly from Hamada of Japan and manufacturer tech support no longer coming from California, Hamada end users are likely to be concerned by the news.

There is now a safety net for end users. American equipment dealers have pooled their resources and are now networking our entire parts inventory on a national level. This will cut down on lead times for part orders which now come direct from Japan.

We, here at Mid-State Litho have invested in an inventory management system that our dealer partners across the country can log into and share inventory. This will increase the availability of both common and uncommon parts already available within the US. It will also make it quick and easy to determine whether or not a part is available since the inventory system shows up-to-date quantities from each participant through an on-line database.

There will be a time of transition as national dealers begin to beef up inventory levels to compensate for the dismantled warehouse in California. We believe this will be a temporary period and that all Hamada equipment will retain its value due to this safety net of participating dealers throughout North America and their continuing support of the product line and user base.

There are also some challenges on the technical end due to the closure of the American branch. National tech support will now come from the dealer network as a result of partnerships from numerous support companies. In process is a development of an on-line data base for dealers to access technical bulletins, technical support, and service questions.

In summary, we’re certainly not happy to hear the news about a part of our industry having to make such difficult decisions during these uncertain economic times. Fortunately the equipment in the field will remain supported and the end users who use the equipment will still have people to turn to when they are in need. We hope this news is not entirely negative for you and that you can see that we have already put a backup plan into action in order to reduce the impact. In short, we expect the Hamada Dealer Network to continue to work together towards their common goal of continuing to provide customers with technical support, parts and new equipment.