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MGI and Naples Print Source Deliver Dynamic Print & Mail Solutions

MGI and Naples Print Source Deliver Dynamic Print & Mail Solutions

Meteor DP8700XL Adds Variable Data to Synthetic Substrates, Color Envelopes & Long Format Sheets


MELBOURNE, FL, USA (January 4th, 2015) – In a prosperous but small beach community like Naples, Florida, a commercial printer needs to target local demographics to achieve success. So, when Naples Print Source owner Blase Ciabaton decided to build his local printing firm by growing with digital printing technology, he invested in an MGI Meteor DP8700XL press to serve as the backbone of his operation.

“There were three main reasons why we thought the MGI Meteor was the best digital press for our business: 1) The ability to print sharp, vibrant colors with variable data on both sides of an envelope in a single pass, 2) The capacity to print on an extremely wide range of paper & synthetic substrates, and 3) the super-long 40” sheet size format.”

“We live and work in a beautiful vacation resort & retirement-oriented community. That means that there are a limited number of major corporate business facilities in our area. However, there are quite a lot of charitable organizations, community groups and boutique-style restaurants. Therefore, we find that high-end invitations, personalized fundraising letters and exotic synthetic menu formats are key applications for us. The real estate market is another steady revenue stream for our business. The ability to print long-format brochures with extra panels of vivid photos is ideal for promoting million-dollar homes.”

Ciabaton continued, “The Meteor features give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace because we specialize in print & mail services. The ability to color-print personalized envelopes on so many different surface textures helps our customers achieve their communication goals by encouraging recipients to open the envelopes. The Meteor press is unique in its substrate diversity. It has the power to create noticeable, memorable mailpieces and generate successful mail campaigns. It’s improved our substrate production diversity by a factor of 20 times.”

“The Meteor is a great print & mail solution – especially to produce short runs of attention-getting colorful designs with the efficiency of high-production printing speeds.” Ciabaton concluded. “We can produce 50 menus, 500 brochures and 5,000 newsletters one after another and then create personalized envelopes too.”

For more information on Naples Print Source, please visit & Follow MGI at, on Facebook & Twitter @MGI_USA for the latest MGI printing technology news.

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About the MGI Group:
International Printing Industry Leader
Founded in 1982, the MGI Group is a public company with offices around the world and is registered on the Euronext/Alternext stock exchange (ALMDG). The MGI Group is a global digital printing technology leader composed of MGI Digital Technology, headquartered in Paris (Fresnes), France and KÖRA-PACKMAT, located in Villingendorf, Germany and CERADROP, located in Limoges, France.

MGI USA, based in Melbourne, Florida, is a fully-owned subsidiary of the MGI Group that supports the North & South American, Caribbean and Asia Pacific markets. For more information, please visit

About Naples Print Source:
Commercial Printer and U.S. Mail Specialist
Naples Print Source has been producing compelling marketing collateral in Florida since 1980. Custom printing and U.S. Mail campaigns are their specialty. They design and produce Fortune 500-caliber print initiatives for a wide range of companies and non-profit organizations.

Their targeted direct mail marketing campaigns help organizations establish relationships with new contacts and strengthen long-term revenue streams with existing customers. For more information, please visit &


MGI Media Contact:
Kevin Abergel
Vice President of Marketing & Sales

How Printing Technology is Changing School Districts

How Printing Technology is Changing School Districts

By Terry Cruikshank

By integrating new printer technology, schools are realizing greater efficiencies and cost savings both inside and outside the classroom. Creative projects are finding a new home in schools with the ability to print in clear and white, and banner printing capabilities. Some projects previously requiring outsourcing can now be completed in-house.

Present-day schools can do much more than just make copies. In today’s tech-driven world, new printer technology allows schools to create in-house “print shops” (or communication centers as they are often called) delivering outputs such as invitations, envelopes and banners. In addition, programs, labels, posters and more can be quickly and efficiently created for theater, sporting events and other school activities. Students and faculty are excited and intrigued by the color options and collaborative projects they can create together right in their building.

Not only are the advantages to new printing capabilities creative, they’re practical too. They eliminate wasted time and the need to outsource certain materials on a regular basis.

Check out the photo below to see some samples of projects that can be printed using a “print shop” with the OKI C911dn. The possibilities are endless!


Terry Cruikshank
Senior Marketing Manager
Thursday, June 11, 2015

Article Provided by OKI Data Americas

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Kelvyn Press Goes Digital with MGI…

def8ce2c-364d-4e64-b87f-0f1a1c669705Kelvyn Press Goes Digital with MGI’s JETvarnish 3D, iFOIL & Meteor DP8700XL+

81 Year-Old Commercial Printing Leader Expands Services & Revenue Streams with MGI Digital Printing & Finishing Technology

MELBOURNE, FL USA (August 31st, 2015) – Kelvyn Press, Inc. in Broadview, IL, started in a garage across from Kelvyn Park in Chicago many decades ago. It grew and moved into The Donahue Building in ChiTown’s storied “Printer’s Row” neighborhood. In 1968, the Malacina family took over the business and has since expanded nationally by creating a separate firm, called Financial Graphic Service (FGS) with a dedicated focus on government, financial, banking, securities, health care, legal and regulatory projects.

Kelvyn Press & MGI 2015 Print Industry Awards

In 2015, the Printing Industries of America (PIA) recognized the quality of Kelvyn’s work with MGI digital technology with a coveted “Premier Print Award” (popularly known as a “Benny” after Benjamin Franklin, the founding father and leading printer of the American Republic). Additionally, the Binding Industries of America (BIA) awarded them a Product of Excellence (POE) Award. The PIA also recognized the MGI iFOIL product in 2015 with an internationally prestigious “InterTech Technology Award” to match the one earned by the JETvarnish 3D in 2013.

Kelvyn Press & MGI Partnership: Digital Helps the Business Grow

After 80 years in business, Kelvyn Press invested in MGI technology in 2014 to launch a new Digital Print Department with the Meteor DP8700XL+ press and the JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL integrated finishing suite. They also upgraded the JETvarnish 3D with the T2 option – a second row of inkjet heads that can double throughput speed and Spot UV elevations up to 200 microns. Since then, the machines have not stopped running and their business has grown with new work producing brochures, catalogs, invitations, envelopes, business cards, books and many more profitable new enhanced print applications.

Printing Industry Trend: The Move to Digital Technology

Tony Malacina, Kelyvn’s Director of Operations, stated “Digital has been getting bigger each year. The whole industry is going digital. It is an inevitable business transition of technology. The MGI JETvarnish & iFOIL finishing solutions have opened up a whole new doorway to new business opportunities.”

MGI Digital Printing & Finishing Business Impact

“The MGI digital technology sells itself. Customers fall in love with their samples. We prepare “Before & After” samples of client work to highlight the dramatic impact & enhancement of the JETvarnish 3D Spot UV Coater & iFOIL products.”

“Working with the prototyping options of the JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL allows customers to play with ideas and experiment with different choices. The MGI digital technology brings out their creative spirit and helps them appreciate the value of print.”

“With MGI, there are so many foil, color, texture and substrate options to choose from. Customers love being able to pick and choose which variations of 2D spot coats, 3D enhanced textures and embossed foil coloring they want. We find this helps build good customer relationships, leads to more referrals and ultimately generates more revenue for the firm.”

MGI VDP Personalization & POD Customization Value:

“Clients can change their print selections and enhancement options to adapt to changing business conditions or market cycles. For example, for each season, the output can have a different theme for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter – or an English or Spanish Version personalized for each recipient.”

Print Samples as Sales Tools:

“We’ve also created a gallery of samples in our visitor area. Customers get inspired to use their imagination for new projects – which leads to new revenue. With MGI digital printing & finishing technology, all we need is a PDF file to print a new brochure or publish a new book.”

MGI Media Contact:
Kevin Abergel
Vice President of Marketing & Sales
+1 321 751-6755

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Swift Printing & Communications Increases Production

Pictured above (left to right): Walt Gutowski III, Pressman, Jessica Slaydon, Community Relations & Steve Hale, Art and Technology Director of Swift Printing

Pictured above (left to right): Walt Gutowski III, Pressman, Jessica Slaydon, Community Relations & Steve Hale, Art and Technology Director of Swift Printing

Swift Printing & Communications Increases Production with MGI Meteor DP8700S
Grand Rapids based printer expands printing capabilities with Meteor S

MELBOURNE, FL, USA (November 20th, 2014) – Swift Printing & Communications has experienced continued success with their MGI Meteor DP8700 S.

Family owned and operated, Swift Printing is a solutions-driven printer that has been serving the Grand Rapids area for over 60 years. Founded by Walt Gutowski Sr. in 1950 as a local commercial printer, Swift Printing has become a world leader in digital technology by making innovation a top priority. With a commitment to top-notch service, the Swift Printing team is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Always staying ahead of the curve, Walt Gutowski Jr. began searching for a press that would complement his current line of offset and digital presses while maintaining the highest level of quality. After thorough research and testing, Swift Printing decided to invest in a Meteor DP8700 S with the help of Mid-State Litho, a MGI certified dealer.

“The MGI Meteor S is a great compliment to what we currently have in place,” states Walt Gutowski Jr., Owner of Swift Printing. “It is the only machine we can trust to do letterhead and envelopes that are 100% laser safe all the time. Not only can we do our day-to-day business more efficiently, we have also seen a huge increase in our business for short run 4-color jobs because we now have the ability to run them on the fly.”

“We are blending our history and new technology together on our digital presses by mixing old heritage letterpress work and new age printing. The Meteor S fit our needs perfectly- with its outstanding quality and versatility we knew the Meteor S would be a seamless fit,” continued Gutowski. “We are proud of our history, our community, and our print shop. With our new capabilities we are confident that we will be able to keep our customers one step ahead.”

For more information, please visit and

Swift Printing & Communications
404 Bridge Street, N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
PH: 616-459-4263

About Mid-State Litho

Mid-State Litho, Inc. (MSL), a certified MGI dealer, has been serving the printing and graphic arts community for over 30 years. Specializing in equipment and supplies for offset printing, digital printing, print finishing, binding and bookletmaking, plastic card production, mailing, packaging and more, MSL has solutions for all printing and finishing needs. In addition, MSL has a team of experienced, qualified account executives who make finding the right equipment solution for the job their number one priority.

About the MGI Group

The MGI Group is composed of MGI Digital Graphic Technology, headquartered in Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine), France, and KÖRA-PACKMAT, located in Villingendorf, Germany, and CERADROP, located in Limoges, France.

Founded in 1982, MGI Digital Graphic Technology designs, manufactures and markets a full and innovative range of award-winning digital presses and a complete line of versatile finishing solutions.

MGI has a portfolio comprised of several thousand customers in a wide range of sectors, including graphic industry professionals, Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, plastic card manufacturers, silk screeners and photo labs.

A leader in the professional graphic equipment market, MGI is registered on the Euronext Paris Alternext stock exchange (ALMDG). They received the prestigious OSEO “Innovative Company” & “OSEO Excellence” labels respectively in 2009 & 2012 in recognition of their expertise and innovation in the graphics & finishing industry. In addition, MGI has won thirteen international product awards from 2008-2012 related to technological innovation, including the 2010 Siemens Innovation Grand Prix and the 2011 Engineering Prize for their color inkjet technology.

MGI USA, based in Melbourne, Florida, is MGI’s fully owned subsidiary that services the North and South American, Caribbean and Asia Pacific markets.

KÖRA-PACKMAT is an industrial manufacturing company which specializes in the development of offset sub-systems. With four business units that cover feeding systems, paper transport systems, film wrapping machines & ultrasonic sealing systems, KÖRA-PACKMAT has a worldwide presence that is represented through a network of distributors and a subsidiary based in Singapore.

CERADROP is a cutting-edge company founded in 2006, by members of the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) the world-renowned laboratory, and in under just seven years has become the French leader in inkjet equipment for printed electronics market and 3D printing.

Like MGI on Facebook and follow MGI on Twitter @MGI_USA to stay up to date on the latest MGI news & innovations.


Media Contact:

Holly Haley
Marketing Coordinator

Print sheet sizes up to 13 x 40 inches!

MGI Meteor DP8700 XL Digital Press – Print sheet sizes up to 13 x 40 inches!

Print sheet sizes up to 13 x 40 inches! The Meteor’s construction brings a market exclusive ability to print in super format. Use this to your advantage and provide services that no other print manufacturer can. Super format is terrific for quad-fold brochures, banners, calendars, dust-covers and many other unique items. Show your customer your abilities and help them dream of the possibilities. The patented infrared pre-heater, powerful print engine and enhanced toner compositions give you the freedom to print on a wide variety of stocks and substrates. Print on unique materials like PVC, polycarbonates, Teslin, Yupo, canvas, labels and other synthetics.

The Meteor DP8700 XL is the most versatile digital press in the global graphics market. It offers users the widest range of substrates available (paper, plastics, & envelopes), the largest cut sheet size (up to 102 cm / 40″ in production), laser-safe prints, no click charge and an economical total cost of operation, plus offset-comparable output quality. For additional information visit us online at

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Continuous Roll Digital Color Printer

Continuous Roll Digital Color Printer
Eliminate label inventories with digital print.
With the CDT 1600-C, print on demand has never been easier. Using digital print allows you to eliminate pre-printed label inventories and reduce costs. In one step, add color to your tags and labels, integrate variable data, and print what you need, when you need it.
Designed for secondary and logistics labeling, as well as private labeling and branding, the CDT 1600-C is the fastest digital color tag and label printer in its class. Powered by Memjet technology, the CDT 1600-C prints at 12 inches per second, with print quality up to 1600 x 1600 dpi.
Print full digital color at the same cost as thermal transfer.
Capable of printing full digital color at the same cost as thermal transfer, the Colordyne family of printers provides a custom solution for your business. Printing labels and tags in full color offers endless possibilities for branding and messaging. The CDT 1600-C allows you to print today for tomorrow’s production.
Add value by printing labels in full color.
Meeting and exceeding the needs of the tag and label print industry, the CDT 1600-C presents an affordable and scalable solution for a variety of industries and applications. The CDT 1600-C prints rich colors at full-bleed and excels in printing readable small fonts and sharp barcodes. Colordyne adds value to your business by providing digital printing, variable data, and color management solutions.
Use the CDT 1600-C for high volume, full color industrial solutions.
  • Print labels and tags on demand and eliminate pre-printed label inventory
  • Reduce supply chain errors by using color to increase picking accuracy
  • Add more control over your labeling operations by moving your production in house
  • Tap into new branding opportunities by printing your shipping label in color to build brand awareness
  • Increase your profitability by offering private labeling
  • Increase effectiveness of retail shelf tags through the use of color labels

See the CDT 1600-C in action!


  • In-house label production
  • Private branding
  • Copy changes made instantly, with no plate or copy changes
  • Variable data and barcoding
  • Roll-to-roll, fanfold, or continuous labels
  • Improved supply chain management

For additional product information, please visit Mid-State Litho, Inc. at or at 810-238-7370.


Colordyne Production Class Printing System in Action

Colordyne Production Class Printing System in Action

Colordyne’s high speed CDT-1600 PC  performs continuous web printing at 160 feet /minute (32 inches/second). This Memjet powered printing system has five printheads with an interchangeable ink delivery system.

The CDT-1600 PC releases up to 3.5 billion drops of ink per second and prints full process color at affordable costs.

Being the world’s first roll to roll digital printing system, Colordyne’s Production Class Printing System delivers up to 1600 x 1200 dpi. Web handling system is manufacturered by AzTECH Converting.

Join the revolution in affordable color digital printing by contacting us today at 1-800-343-4231 or visit us online at

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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing
by Steven Barrett

Direct and targeted marketing has become the mainstay of print publishing in recent times. Creating a specific message for each individual recipient has profound results on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Gone are the days of mass marketing with long runs of static messages which blanket an audience. The future of marketing is individualized. We live in a time where in your mailbox, you might find a postcard from your local auto dealer highlighting just the right car for your demographic. Your soccer mom neighbor could receive an ad for a minivan whereas the lumberjack across the street’s ad shows a heavy duty truck. This form of targeted marketing has proven far more effective, efficient and exciting.

Variable Data Printing is a term used to describe the coming together of the printed piece with a database of information. Digital print engines have opened new doors in the VDP arena that bring some astounding capabilities to the table.  It requires marketing brain power to come up with thoughtful and creative ways to use the available data to make a judgement as to what message is most appropriate for the reader.

VDP comes in all shapes and sizes. The most basic of which is simple text such as a recipients first name at the top of a mailer or the printing of an address block for mailed pieces. More complex VDP can selectively print images or document layers based on certain fields in a database. An example of this might be the picture of a truck for male recipients and a minivan for women.

Modern digital printing equipment can print variable without a hitch. The real task lies in creating the VDP job. The largest requirement is to have a database of recipients, the more data in the database – the more complex the VDP can be. There are a wide variety of software packages that specialize in working with variable data. This has really become an industry unto itself with a full scope of software from the very basic to the extremely powerful. Robust software can select individual layers from PDF based on rules applied to the database (e.x . If gender is male then truck is selected)

The ultimate form of variable data printing is slowly emerging in the large retail world. Based on buying habits big box stores can deduce, for example, when a woman is pregnant and then swarm her inbox with coupons for diapers and baby food. Marketing on this scale requires vast databases and complex computing power to make determinations based on the data.

Brought to you by VDP

At this time, most all print manufacturers should be offering at least basic variable data printing to their customers. The market demand for targeted messages is steadily growing and the tools to create them are getting better every day.

Keep an eye on this exciting segment of our industry because it won’t be long before it’s all we do.

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Plastic Card Printing & Finishing Solutions


Plastic Card Printing & Finishing Solutions

Multi-Substrate XL Digital Press Papers, Plastics & Envelopes

Meteor DP8700 XL - All Doors closedMETEOR DP8700 XL Plastic printing specifications: Thickness between 200 to 400µ – 8mil up to 16mil Print PVC, Polyester, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Lexan, PET, Autotype, Vinyl, Teslin, Melinex, Agfa Synaps, Canvas/Buckram, etc.

Industrial Lamination Unit

MGI - PressCardPro 2011The Press Card Pro is an industrial lamination unit for paper and plastic substrates, including PVC, polycarbonate, vinyl and synthetic papers. The unique technologies integrated into the unit include individual heating, cooling and pressure control circuits.

The PressCard Pro can manufacture plastic cards (ISO CR-80) from 200 up to 1000 microns, RFID, labels, signage and many other applications, including clear PVC overlay with embedded magnetic stripes. This compact and industrial hot lamination press is fully automated and operates on an average 20-30 minute per cycle.

Stand-Alone, Hydraulic Finishing

MGI-PunchCard Pro-2011Unit for paper or plastic cards – Industrial Lamination Unit: The PunchCard Pro is a semi-automatic card punching unit capable of punching 6,000 ISO CR-80 plastic cards per hour in layouts ranging from either 21 or 24 cards-up. ISO format certified (CR80/85.5x54mm) and complete with rounded corners and a thickness of up to 850µ/34 mils. The die-cutting of cards are automatically retried in the triple chimney stacker.


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Digital Output PRINT 13 Exhibitor Preview


Digital Output PRINT 13 Exhibitor Preview

Looking to Chicago

By Digital Output staff

Every four years, the Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC) hosts Print, an internationally recognized exhibition in the Americas for digital, offset, flexographic, and hybrid technologies, products, and services for the commercial, transactional, converting, package printing, publishing, mailing, in plant, photo imaging, and marketing industries. This year’s event, themed “Innovate, Integrate, Communicate,” takes place from September 8 to 12, 2013 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.

Of note is the new BIG – The Wide Format Pavilion, sponsored by the International Sign Association (ISA). This area of the show floor is home to exhibitors specializing in hardware, media, software, and solutions in wide format. Creative Banner Assemblies, Digital Graphic Systems, Flexmag Industries, and Grimco are a few of the familiar names found in this part of the exhibit hall.

Leading by example, ISA hosts one of the larger booths in the pavilion, showcasing a wide format innovation and application theater for attendees. Presentations include discussions on the hottest media trends, tips, and tricks on how to sell the newest applications.

In advance of the show, the following products were recognized as MUST SEE ’EMS at Print 13 in the Pressroom: Wide Format category… Xanté Corporation for the new Excelagraphix 4200 P Series.

To read the complete article, please CLICK HERE

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