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Meet the Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx 4000 Plus

Entry-Level Machine for Low to Medium Volume Usage

Meet the Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx 4000 Plus. The Onyx 4000 Plus binding machine from Rhin-O-Tuff is a compact, desktop machine that accommodates 11 inch interchangeable dies. Able to handle comb, wire loop, plastic coil, Velo bind from GBC, and three-hole loose-leaf binding methods it offers 12 die patterns for the best finish.

The punch can accommodate 20 plus sheets, depending on the weight of the paper and punch pattern you select. Since the Onyx 4000 Plus features open sides, it can process paper longer than 11 inches, which makes it a versatile entry-level machine for low to medium volume usage.

Product Features Include:

  • Auto Reversing Feature to Reduce Jams
  • 12 Interchangeable Die Patterns:
    • Comb
    • Wire Loop
    • Plastic Coil
    • Velo Bind GBC
    • 3-Hole Loose Leaf
  • Easy, “Paper to Pin” Sight Alignment, for Balanced Hole-to-Edge Margins on Odd-Sized Applications
  • Punch Capacity Rated up to 20 Sheets of 20 Pound (80 gsm) Paper
  • Uses 11 inch (A4) Size Dies with Open Sides for Wider Sheet Punching Capability
  • 20 Cycles per Minute
  • Smooth, Quiet, Power on Demand Operation
  • Use Foot Pedal or Versa Switch

With a three-year warranty, and a very competitive price, no other solution in its class can match its price performance.

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Six Solutions, One Binder

Fastback binding strips are the highest quality, on-demand binding products on the market! Fastback strips come in various styles, textures, thicknesses, and colors – so you and your customers never have to compromise.

Create strip bound, image bound, softback, easyback, hardback, and custom hardback books / documents with the Fastback 20 in less than 15 seconds! Watch the video below!

Fastback Strip Bound – How to bind a document in 15 seconds!

Fastback Model 20

Create super strong, impressive books in 15 seconds or less, with the Fastback Model 20.

The Fastback Model 20 is the perfect binding machine for copy shops, financial institutions, government agencies, or educational environments. It will produce excellent results at a very low cost, whether it’s binding presentations, yearbooks, or important documents.

This machine is not just for the office, it is a real workhorse and can be used 24 hours per day!

Mid-State Litho, Inc.
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How to bind a document in 15 seconds with Fastback!

Create super strong, impressive books and documents in 15 seconds or less with the Fastback Model 20. That’s 3.5 times faster than punch and bind systems.

Bind thin to thick documents from 10 – 700 page documents (or up to 350 sheets) with minimal, space-saving supply inventory. Supports lengths up to 12″, including letter and A4 paper sizes.

The Fastback binding is strong, durable and attractive. Pages in a Fastback document can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull. The tough thermoplastic adhesive will not become brittle with age, so it’s perfect for archival storage.

Your first book is good, there is zero waste and zero spoilage! See how fast and easy binding can be with the Fastback 20 by watching the short video below…

With Fastback binders you can create perfectback books indistinguishable from high-quality production perfectback. Fore more information, please contact us at 810.238.7370 or click the button below for more information.

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Fastback Binding Solutions from Powis Parker

Fastback binding is strong, durable and attractive. Pages in a Fastback document can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull. The tough thermoplastic adhesive will not become brittle with age, so it’s perfect for archival storage. Features and benefits include:

  • Bind Faster: Fastback binders are 3.5 times faster than competitive binding systems
  • Super Strong: Fastback bound documents can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull
  • Layflat: Fastback Thermal Strip delivers true lay-flat binding

Fastback Model – 20

Create super strong, impressive books and documents in 15 seconds or less. Anyone can operate the 20 with its intuitive one-touch button. Bind 10 – 700 page documents with minimal, space-saving supply inventory. The Fastback 20 is the binder your office has been looking for!

Fastback Model – 9

The Powis Fastback Model – 9 is ideal for departmental and office use. Simply place the strip and the book block in the binding machine and press the green button.

For the highest level of binding strip customization, Image Strip and LX Image Blank allows you to promote your brad, enhance your image and ensure that each prospectus, manual, case study, and report your produce is a cut above the competition.

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The Differences Between Coil, Wire and Comb Binding Elements

Written by John Lugviel, Rhin-O-Tuff

February 22, 2013

To get the best results for all your binding projects, you need two critical pieces of information. First, know how you want your finished document to look and perform; second, understand what each binding element has to offer in creating your desired outcome.

Here is a quick comparison of coil, wire and comb bindings.

Coil (Spiral) Binding

For flexible binding that offers many options and can handle rough treatment, choose coil binding and a professional coil punching machine. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Wide choice of colors
  • Metal and plastic coil options
  • Plastic coils are less easily distorted
  • Ends of metal coil can be crimped to prevent page slippage
  • Finished documents lay flat and fold back 360 degrees
  • Works for documents of up to 300 pages
  • Three different coil lengths: 36 inches, 12 inches, and 11 inches
  • A good solution for odd-sized materials
  • Can work with 5:1 hole-punch patterns (5 holes per inch) and 4:1 patterns (4 holes per inch) but these sizes are not interchangeable
  • A coil punching machine easily creates different punch patterns

Coil binding is a good choice for documents that will be mailed and allows for many types of custom covers on finished documents. Because you must determine the punch pattern before starting, coil binding can take a little extra time so consider using a precise, high-quality coil punching machine.

Comb Binding

Comb binding uses a plastic comb to bind documents and is very popular for many reasons. One is the development of the electric comb binding machine which saves time. The other is that plastic binding can be opened to insert or remove document pages and then put back onto the document, which lowers the cost of materials. Here’s more:

  • Finished document lays flat but cannot open back on itself (360 degrees)
  • Binds documents from 5 pages to 300 pages
  • Lots of color choices and custom lengths
  • Plastic spine can be customized with company name and/or document name through silk screening
  • Can be placed on documents manually or with an electric comb binding machine

Wire Binding

As with coil binding, completed documents can lay flat, open 360 degrees, and will mail easily. Wire binding is permanent so document pages stay in place, but this eliminates the option for editing after binding.

There are two types of wire binding: Double Loop Wire Binding and Wire Comb Binding, and each produce professional results.

Double Loop Wire/Double-O-Wire Binding:

  • Many color varieties
  • Binds documents from ¼ inch to 1¼ inches thick
  • Custom wire lengths are available
  • Allows for custom document covers

Wire Comb Binding:

  • Uses same hole pattern as plastic comb binding so one punching machine and electric comb binding machine can handle both kinds of materials
  • Binds documents up to 1 inch thick
  • Can be more expensive than double loop binding wires

The drawback of wire binding is that thinner documents use a 3 hole-per-inch pattern (3:1) while thicker materials need a 2:1 punch pattern, requiring two punch die assemblies.

Once you know your specific document needs and match them with the right binding elements, you can consistently produce professional documents that keep your company a step above the rest.

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Baumfolder at PRINT 2017

Baumfolder at PRINT 2017

Baumfolder Show PictureCome visit Baumfolder at Print 2017 booth #1568. Baumfolder’s booth will provide a customer meeting place to speak with equipment specialist, to help answer any questions you may have.

Get all the information and help needed to select the best Baumfolder Solution for your application. While you are at the show be sure to check out Baum’s folding, feeding and stacking equipment:

  • Baum 714XLT Table Top Paper Folder
  • Baum 20 Floor Model Paper Folder
  • Baum 20 IPF Independent Deep Pile Feeder
  • Baum 20 RCS Receding Delivery Stacker

Baumfolder continues to provide the best post press equipment in the world. Baumfolder will also be providing information on their latest solutions in the order fulfillment and E-commerce industry.

About Baumfolder

Baumfolder Corporation is a leading producer of equipment for post-press bindery, finishing equipment, mailing equipment products and contract assembly. Almost a century of experience keeps us at the forefront of our industry. Our many years in business and having shipped over 100,000 systems give Baumfolder unprecedented insight into achieving customer satisfaction.

Product portfolio includes tabletop folders, floor model folders, perf/score/slitting equipment, deliveries/stackers/transports, independent feeders, loaders, stitchers, presses, cutters, and drills. Click here for additional finishing solutions from Baumfolder >>>

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The New Heavy Duty Punch by Akiles

The New Heavy Duty Punch by AkilesHeavy Duty Punch by Akiles – Versamac+

The Versamac+ is a heavy duty punch with auto ejector and stacker from Akiles. Punches 875 pages per minute with 90 punch cycles per minute. Featuring 14 interchangeable die sets – this heavy duty punch will be on display at the GOA 2014.

Additional information has yet to be released but you can be the first to demo this equipment in Booth 831 starting today, February 27th – March 1, 2014 at the Graphics of the Americas Expo.

Technical specs and more information coming soon for the Versamac+.

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Not every print project requires heavy-duty equipment.

Office & Entry Level EquipmentNot every print project requires heavy-duty equipment. For this reason, MSL offers a variety of tabletop printing equipment along with other office and tabletop equipment. If you are looking for quality tabletop and office equipment including printers, copiers and shredders, MSL gives you the best options. Contact us today at 1-800-343-4231 or visit us online at

MBM Simplimatic Tabletop Folder

Simplimatic manual tabletop folder is compact in size with a feed table that folds in for storage. Dial selector for easy setting of standard or custom folds. Automatic feed of single sheets or manual feed of up to 3 stapled sheets (up to 20 lb. bond). No separator to set for variations in paper thickness. Fully enclosed fold plates for quiet operation. Low-maintenance snap-out roller cartridge and anti-static strip for high static environments and carbonless paper. Speed 8,400 sheets/hr*. Paper size of 5 3/4″ x 6″ to 8 1/2″ x 14″. Paper weight 16-60 lbs, sheet capacity of 150*.

MBM Bookletmaker Jr

The Bookletmaker Jr. is semi-automatic and entry-level bookletmaker. The space-saving, compact design that is easy to set up and operate. Makes booklets up to 40 pages*. Featuring automatic paper centering, dual staple heads, and fold rollers. All-metal construction is durable for long-lasting use. UL and C UL approved. Speed – 250 sets/hr.**, sheet capacity – 10*, paper size – 8 1/2″ x 11″ to 11″ x 17″, power supply – 115 V, 60 Hz.

VersaMac Modular Punch

With more power and more versatility than any other binding punch in its class, the Akiles® VersaMac is one of the most productive punches on the market today. With a maximum punching capacity of up to 55 sheets at a time, easy-to-use interchangeable die feature, and efficient modular design, Akiles® VersaMac is compatible with commercial volume workloads in all binding styles. Count on VersaMac’s rugged construction to get your job done on-time, especially in critical moments when you can’t afford downtime. VersaMac’s modular design and interchangeable die feature means you can expand on your VersaMac’s functionality any time by purchasing more accessories and binding modules.

For additional information or to schedule a demo, please visit us online at

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Table-Top Perfect Binder BQ-P60

machine-overview2Superior binding strength and compact desktop design make this the ultimate office binder! The BQ-P60 gives you high quality binding and professional looking documents.

Features of the BQ-P60

  • Easy Operation: The display Indicator lambs on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps
  • High Productivity: 180 books/hour
  • Professional Binding Quality: A cover is glued to the book spine then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance
  • Flexible Binding Styles: Choose from three different binding styles
  • Comfortable Operation: An integrated smoke extractor and filter system is a standard feature to clean the air and remove any glue odors from office environments
  • Eco-Friendly: Low temperature glue and eco-mode, reduces power consumptions

Simple and easy to use, the BQ-P60 allows you to finish fast with push-button operation. (1) Choose the binding style and insert the book block. (2) Press the start button. (3) Insert a cover, then press the start button. (4) The book is finished!


Three different binding styles are supported:

  • Binding with cover: a cover and a book block are bound with hot-melt glue
  • Binding with tape: simple book bound with cloth tape
  • Pad binding: simple binding used for making memo-pads

For additional product information, please visit us online at or contact us at 1-800-343-4231

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Bookletmakers and Document Finishing Systems

Speed and Versatility are the Hallmarks of MBM Bookletmakers and Document Finishing Systems.

Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker

Sprint 3000

Sprint bookletmakers have long been regarded as tops in the industry. Paired with an optional trimmer, either model may be combined with a variety of collators for a complete document finishing system. Both feature easy set-up and adjustment, variable speed, and powered exit conveyors.

The StitchFold bookletmaker utilizes a patented, wire-fed stitching system that eliminates the need for pre-formed staples. This low maintenance machine jogs, stitches, and folds up to 65,000 booklets before the spools need replacing. An optional trimmer can be combined with the StitchFold for the ultimate finishing system. The Bookletmaker Jr. and Autobook are excellent choices for organizations looking for a dependable, cost-effective model.

Entry Level Bookletmakers – Bookletmaker Jr.


Bookletmaker Jr.

The MBM Bookletmaker Jr. is an entry-level bookletmaker featuring a space-saving compact design. This booklet making machine is easy to set up and operate and makes booklets up to 40 pages*. The Bookletmaker Jr. also features automatic paper centering, dual staple heads and fold rollers, and all-metal construction.

Entry Level Bookletmakers – Autobook



Turn normal printed material into personalized booklets for any organization, school, and office with the Autobook. Easy-to-use with push button controls and a 4-digit counter and automatic timer makes booklet-making a breeze.

Choose automatic or manual operation modes and make booklets up to 60 pages*. Also, features automatic paper centering, dual staple heads with 5 positions, interlocking cover for safe operation, 100 staple capacity, and all metal construction.

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