Why Bundling? Why Felins?

Every packaging decision hurts or helps our planet.

Felins has a passion for creating alternative sustainable packaging solutions and believes that packaging is fundamentally exciting and environmentally important!  We offer non-traditional bundling solutions that increase throughput, protect product quality and integrity  and significantly reduce packaging material and labor costs for our customers worldwide.

Check out the video to the right for a brief overview of the different bundling technologies that Felins provides.

Why Paper & Plastic Banding?

Often referred to as the most elite form of bundling, banding has historically been used to showcase and protect delicate, high-end printed materials. Because of the many advantages, banding has grown as an elegant, cutting edge sustainable packaging solution.  As an alternative to strapping, banding provides reduced packaging costs, increased productivity, and the reduced labor costs commonly attributed to strapping.  In addition:

• Paper bands can be removed without using a cutting tool
• Transparent plastic bands showcase your product
• Labels can be eliminated by printing directly on the band
• Banding won’t damage the corners and edges of your product
• Diverse selection of banding materials and machine options

Why Rubber Banding?

We focus on providing an alternative and more efficient way to apply rubber bands to your product. Felins’ Automatic Rubber Banding (ARB) Machine loads, stretches and applies each band from a continuous roll of hundreds of elastic bands. Like other Felins bundling solutions our Automatic Rubber Banding Machine do not damage your product.  It also:

  • Increases productivity
  • Offers custom automated system options
  • Eliminates repetitive motion injuries
  • Provides allergen and latex free options for medical products

Felins offers a variety of banding machines and banding materials ranging from easy to use table top banding machines to fully automated banding systems. For additional information, visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net.