Be Green: Save Your Resources

Spring is here. Is your production greening up as quickly as the grass? At Baumfolder, they continue to add more features to their reliable and trusted products to help increase your profits and also meet the needs of today’s marketplace. Here are just a few ways Baumfolder can help you save your resources and green-up this spring:

A One Sheet Test Mode

The BAUM 20 PFF pile feed, BAUM 20 CFF continuous feed, and the BAUM 714XA Autofold tabletop folders, all incorporate a special “One Sheet Test Mode” feature for setup. This unique feature saves waste by only feeding one sheet when this mode is enabled. In today’s world of shorter run lengths and personalized printing, having a “One Sheet Test Mode” saves time, saves paper, and saves money. All of these combined can help you Be Green.

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