Baumann Perfecta Refreshed Product Line

BP 80 (31.5″) Paper Cutter

The Perfecta line of industrial paper cutters has been updated. This new line of cutters is a complete refresh to the classic line of TS cutters from Perfecta. Some business changes have brought new technology to the table and a marketing refresh has the machines painted with a new darker color scheme.

In January of 2020 the companies Perfecta and Baumman completed a merger and will now be operating under the name Baumannperfecta in Germany. The merger is taking place at the branding level and the two companies are a perfect fit and will compliment each other. 

Perfecta and Baumman both have excellent reputations in their respective markets and this merger will allow them to integrate solutions across a broader customer base. This will reduce research and development costs as well as lower acquisition costs for the end user.

The BP series of Paper Cutters are high performance models that come complete with time saving and labor saving features. The TS touch screen computer makes a complex machine easy to program and use. Integration with smart front ends can enable a workflow where a cutter operator scans their press sheet with a barcode scanner and their cutting program is pulled up on the screen automatically. This lets an inexperienced operator have the benefit of complex cutting profiles with pile turns and pushouts recorded right into the program. 

Automation is the name of the game in production. Perfecta and Baumman have been working for decades to reduce the cycle time of their cutters and make it easier for operators to keep work flowing. Paper lifts, joggers, and air tables are all massive boosters for productivity that operators love to have. 

Check out this refresh of the Perfecta product line!

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