Baum Static Reduction Options

We’re coming up on the dry season which means more static. Baumfolder has many weapons to use in the fight against static build up which often starts with your paper and only gets worse when put through today’s modern digital presses. Often one has to employ many lines of defense with this age old enemy. Take a look at some of the offerings we have below. And as always, please contact us if you have any questions.

Baum 714XLT Static Reducer Kit

Static String KitThe Baum 714XLT Static Reducer Kit is mounted on the exit end of the folder to reduce any static charge buildup during the folding process. The Static Reducer’s special design utilizes heavy-duty magnets with a newly developed conductive cord that draws the static charge from the paper. The kit can be added to all Baum 714 tabletop folders, both old and new, for the Baum 714XLT Air Feed, 714XE Friction Feed and Ultrafold models. The part number for the 714XLT folder kit is FK2002081.

There is no drilling needed to mount this kit to the folder. You simply place it as shown in the photos below using the magnets to hold it in place.

Static Dissipation Bars

Static BarsConsists of two static bars and a power unit (115V / 60Hz). Neutralizes the electric charges by creating an ionization field around the two bars. Part number dependent upon machine. Contact us for additional information.

Static Tinsil, an old standby that still works well as well as the Ionix Tube.

For more information on Baum tabletop folding Static Reducer Kits, contact us at 1-800-343-4231.
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