Rena In-Line Tabber, Apply Stamps or Tabs at High Speeds

Rena T-950 Apply Stamps at High Speeds

Rena In-Line Tabbers

Applies Stamps or Tabs at High Speed

Rena In-Line Tabbers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any mailing list. They all have the ability to single, double and triple tab as well as run clear, translucent or paper tabs. Tabbers also have the option of applying stamps, even while running in line with several of the Rena ink jet address printers. The tabbers are simple to set up because of exclusive features like Automatic Tab Positioning and Automatic Length Measuring.

T-950 inline tabber/labeler/stamp affixer

    • Tabs/Stamps 35,000 Pieces/hr
    • Applies Clear, Translucent & Paper Tabs
    • Automatic Tab Positioning
    • Holds Standard Rolls
    • Available In Console Form

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