Akiles Versatile Modular Punch


Akiles Versatile Modular Punch

FlexiPunch – E

FlexiPunch_EFlexiPunch-E is a versatile modular punching machine with an affordable price that gives you the binding options you need in everyday work. You can do a coil binding job, and minutes later squeeze in a wire or comb binding project using the same primary punch. The high-quality precision die sets available with this machine will last for years of production. One die of your choice is provided with the unit.

Suggested Supplemental Modules

flexicoil_comboWe offer a variety of supplemental modules to the FlexiPunch-E, that will help you complete your binding jobs faster and easier.

Shown at right on top of the FlexiPunch-E is our Finish@Coil E1 Coil Inserter/Crimper Module. This combination is the world’s first to allow an operator to punch the sheets, insert & crimp coils (sizes 6mm-50mm) all by electrical power! The Finish@Coil E1 footprint fits right on top of the FlexiPunch-E to save space. It can also be placed next to the FlexiPunch-E so 2 operators can work the job simultaneously.

Similar modules are available for wire binding (WBM532) and comb binding (CBM650) as well. If you are looking for more than just 1-type of binding and can’t decide, contact MSL at 1-800-343-4231 or at sales@midstatelitho.net. Visit us online – www.midstatelitho.net 

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