Air purifiers to protect against respiratory infections

Air purifiers to protect against respiratory infections

IDEAL air purifiers help to contain the spread of pathogens

What can we do protect ourselves and others?

SARS-CoV-2 is a novel virus from the Coronavirus family. It is genetically related to the SARS virus from 2003. Coronaviruses can affect people and animals and cause a range of different diseases, primarily respiratory infections (colds and coughs) right up to serious cases of pneumonia. The official name for the disease according to the WHO is ”COVID-19“ (”Coronavirus disease 2019“).

How is the NEW CORONAVIRUS Transmitted?

Experts are working on the basis that the virus is transmitted by human-to-human droplet inflection, mainly through respiratory secretions. The finest droplets of saliva or mucus remain suspended in the air for different periods of time and can be breathed in. There may be a risk of infection even before the first symptoms occur.

Viruses are most frequently caught through droplet infection. The pathogens are embedded in minuscule droplets of respiratory secretions and are transmitted by sneezing, coughing and speaking. Larger droplets descend and are transmitted within a radius of approximately one meter. Smaller droplets remain suspended in the air for a long time and can cause infection, even from a distance.

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Infection?

As with the influenza virus, the best way to protect yourself is to avoid contact with people infected with the virus, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly and boost your immune system. To generally reduce the concentration of viruses indoors, we recommend using air purifiers.

Situation for Companies & Employees

The fact is: There is a residual risk of being infected by people who have the virus but are not yet displaying any symptoms. This can happen during flights, when visiting trade fairs or in international meetings.

Why & How Do Air Purifiers Help?

What can companies do to actively protect their employees (and business partners)? The risk of human-to-human transmission is not easy to avoid. Placing air purifiers in your meeting rooms, offices, the lobby and other shared rooms can be an effective addition to the package of measures. IDEAL air purifiers help to significantly reduce the concentration of viruses in indoor air. Thanks to their highly efficient, multi-stage filters, the AP PRO models almost entirely eliminate pathogens and pollutants from indoor air – and don‘t release them again. This is ensured by various physical effects, such as the ”diffusion effect“, which cause viruses to land directly in the filter fibers, where they remain suspended.

What do you get out of this? Peace of mind for your employees – and your business partners.   

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