AFV-56K Paper Folder

Yet another incredible Horizon product line has been updated. This month Standard Finishing Systems is announcing the debut of the new AFV-56k iCE Series Folder. This highly automated paper folder is an incredible production machine that features automated setup, approachable operation, and high productivity. 

The configuration of the folder can be changed for various reasons but it is configured with 6 buckle plates and an integrated knife for cross folding. Horizon has focused on optimizing the setup times and has managed to shorten the process by an additional 20%. This is on top of the already super fast set up featured by the last generation of AFC Paper Folders. 

The headline feature for this AFV-56K Paper Folder is that it connects to Horizon’s new iCE Link software automation suite. This new system is something that blew me away the first time I saw it in Kyoto at Horizon’s Smart Factory Tour EXPO. 

iCE Link ia a new special toolkit. It is a cloud software package that monitors the health and productivity of Horizon production equipment. There are various levels of subscription with some premium features that empower larger operations to make insightful decisions about how to handle production schedules and how to get the most out of their equipment. Machine scheduling and efficiency can be reported over time and an owner or manager can view the health and status of their production site from anywhere with an app. 

The Smart Factory expo that Horizon held in December of 2019 was a special debut of the entire Smart Factory concept. This event was where iCE Link was shown for the first time along with the HT-300 book trimmer. The intelligent use of manufacturing assets is a core element of moving to green production and getting the most out of major investments. Watch this email stream for more about iCE Link in the future!

Key Features

Automation – Productivity – Easy Operation