2021 Craftsmen’s Club Recap

We Want To Thank Everyone For Coming

Dozens of industry professionals met in Grand Blanc at an open house and Craftsmen’s Club meeting last week. It was a huge honor to host a gathering of the region’s top experts and some of our great customers. The meeting was a great success and showed that our area harbors some of the most experienced and friendly industry leaders. We want to share a huge THANK YOU to the Craftsmen’s Club and everyone else who attended or followed along.

At our facility during the meeting we featured several cutting-edge Horizon products from Standard Finishing. These print finishing products are highly automated machines that can produce high quality goods quickly and also easily switch sizes or formats by an operator using a touch-screen. The Horizon HT-300 Book Trimmer, SPF-200L Bookletmaker, and the RD-4055 Die Cutter were the main feature products.

Skilled trades are a critical part of our society. Being Craftsmen and helping the next generation fulfill their potential and carry on our traditions is an important part of the MSL philosophy. We are proud to share that with all of our customers, vendors, and partners who we all consider to be family. Equipment is important but at the end of the day machines are only tools for people to utilize. We hope that skilled people use that equipment to its full potential and help to carry the torch of progress in our industry.

In time with the event we finished the first production runs of our 2022 Product Catalog. This 44 page catalog features all kinds of products that span our entire product line. Everything from shrink-wrappers to paper-drills is included along with staple items like perfect binders, paper cutters, and paper folders. Watch out for a digital release of our product catalog in the coming weeks. Make sure your end-of-year orders are in as soon as possible to beat long lead times and take delivery before December 31st.