Dry-Lam, LLC

Continuing our series of vendor profiles, MSL would next like to introduce you to Dry-Lam, LLC, America’s leader in digital on-demand and wide format print lamination.


Dry-Lam began as a supplier of laminating film and laminators for educational institutions and schools over 20 years ago. They have now expanded to serve the digital on-demand market. Their breakthrough product, the Fujipla ALM 3002 has made laminating faster and easier than ever before. Each document is automatically fed into the laminator, laminated with the special lamination film,trimmed to size and then stacked on the collection tray. Based out of Shawnee, Kansas, Dry-Lam stands behind every product they sell throughout Canada and the United States. MSL is proud to offer the Dry-Lam Fujipla ALM 3220 to our customers. To find out more about this laminator, call our office toll free at 800.343.4231.

Dry-Lam Fujipla ALM 3220 Automatic Laminator

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