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Standard Finishing Systems PRINT 19

Let’s Talk Finishing at PRINT 19 In Chicago!

Let’s talk finishing at PRINT 19!

MSL will be in Standard Horizon’s Booth #810 to demonstrate the largest display of finishing on the show floor.

Standard Horizon’s comprehensive lineup will include perfect binding and trimming, saddlestitching, folding, slitting/creasing, die cutting, and bookletmaking.

Let’s talk about your current workflow. Let’s talk about evaluating new equipment for your business. Let’s talk about automation in your finishing process.

Meet us in Chicago and let’s talk finishing! Schedule your VIP Demo below!

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Printmates makes digital advances with Horizon folder

Printmates makes digital advances with Horizon folder

The Horizon CRF-362 Creaser/Folder gives Printmates an advantage on short-run digital work. Click here to read the full article or watch a product video below!

Mid-State Litho, Inc.
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PUR…What is it and why should I care?

PUR…What Is It and Why Should I Care?

PUR StrengthSuperior binding strength and lay-flat documents

Polyurethane Reactive, commonly referred to as PUR, is a polyurethane-based adhesive that is attracting popular attention due to superior binding strength, flexibility and eco-friendly nature.

Growing Demand

There is a growing demand for digital color book binding, with much of the imaging being done on high gloss paper stock. Conventional EVA hot-melt glue has difficulty creating a strong bind on coated stocks and generaly has poor lay-flat qualities. However, PUR hot-melt glue can provide superior bind strength and lay-flat of offset and digitally-imaged sheets printed on a wide range of coated stocks.

PUR bound books also outperform their EVA counterparts in their ability to maintain integrity of the bind under extreme temperatures, from – 4° to 248° F for PUR versus 32° to 140° F for EVA. What does all this mean? For example, an EVA-bound snowmobile user manual might become brittle in winter, while pages might fall out of a car manual that’s been baking in a glovebox during the heat of summer.

Superior Binding Strength

PUR also provides superior binding strength versus EVA adhesives, and has page-pull and page flex ratings that can be 40 to 60% higher. Uncured PUR is thermoplastic in nature; it reacts with the moisture in the air and within the paper stock to create a strong cross-linking bind that is resistive to re-melting. PUR is applied in a much thinner layer, so usage per book is less than EVA. The thin application and flexible nature of cured PUR enables books to open more easily to the gutter and lay flatter, preventing the book or pages from turning or closing prematurely. PUR is less affected by the wide variety of inks, varnishes, oils and solvents that can migrate into the glue line and cause EVA adhesives to fail. Additionally, PUR will create a superior bind on certain substrates such as coated stocks, photographic papers, recycled stocks, crossgrained stocks, acetates, and digitally imaged stocks. Although most PUR adhesives are very versatile, it is always best to discuss your applications and binding system with your adhesive supplier to insure that you are using the right adhesive for the best results.

Environmentally Friendly

PUR scores points in terms of environmental friendliness too. PUR-bound books are fully recyclable, whereas EVA glue must be separated from the paper. Energy conservation is another plus, since PUR is applied at 248° F whereas many EVA hot-melts are applied at higher temperatures. If there is a drawback to PUR versus EVA, it is that the books generally require a longer cure time prior to three-knife trimming or\handling of the books for operations such as casing-in and packaging. EVA sets-up very quickly, so books can be trimmed and shipped almost immediately after binding. Many of today’s PUR products will set sufficiently for trimming in a matter of minutes, but full cure time will vary widely depending upon a number of factors such as: binding substrates, book thickness, available moisture in the air and paper stock, as well as the specific adhesive being used. However if you are looking for a stronger, more flexible bind on a wide range of substrates, PUR just might be the answer.

Article provided by Standard Horizon. Click here to download original article. 

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Specialty Folding

Specialty Folding + Set Up In As Little As 14 Seconds

Specialty FoldingDesigned for commercial printers, in-plant printers, and binderies, the Standard Horizon AFC Series Floor Model Folders include advanced set-up automation, including gap settings, through a user-friendly color touch-screen control panel. Up to one hundred different jobs can be stored in memory with set-ups accomplished in as little as fourteen seconds. Precise stepper motors drive end stops and fold plates to the exact location for the sheet size and fold style selected.

  • Consistent fold quality – AFC Folders ensure consistent fold quality with steel and soft-formed polyurethane combination rollers
  • Reliable and high speed – An advanced rotary suction-feed system guarantees fast, smooth feeding of a very wide range of stocks.

Here are a few of Standard Horizon’s AF Series Folders:

  • AF-406F + Right Angle – Fully automated 6-buckle folder with pile feed and suction head, and an optional 6-buckle second unit added with a right angle conveyor for pharmaceutical, small format, and direct mail applications for sheets folded down to .79″ x .79″.
  • AFC-564A – The AFC-564-A computer-controlled folder combines superior feeding and registration with touch-screen control. Select from 14 pre-set folds or set up 200 custom folds.
  • AFC-566FG – Floor model vacuum-feed folder features fully automated set-up, including gap settings, and 6 fold plates for a wide variety of folding applications. Stores up to 200 different jobs in memory with automated make-ready in 14 seconds.
  • AFC-746F – Large-format folder with advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly color touchscreen control panel. Features quick changeover and fully automated setup with up to 47 automated adjustments.

Each Standard Horizon AF Series folder is designed for quick, easy set-ups, precise folding, and operator convenience. Click here to learn more about Standards Horizon’s AF Series Folders>>>

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Standard Horizon’s New Multi-Function Systems Make Any Finishing Job Possible!

Standard Horizon's New Multi-Function Systems Make Any Finishing Job PossibleStandard Horizon’s New Multi-Function Systems Make Any Finishing Job Possible!

Make any finishing job possible

Say “YES” to virtually any job with a new line-up of Standard Horizon solutions from Mid-State Litho! Now you can perform multiple functions in a single pass for a vast and varied range of output possibilities. Each system can process a variety of finished product independently with efficiency and ease, or combine system capabilities to handle even more applications. Crease, Fold, Cut, Die-Cut, Perforate, and more to achieve ultimate production flexibility. The Sky’s the Limit!

MSL can help you automate your bindery for efficiency and profit.


    Eliminates cracking on digital color output and accepts a wide range of coated, uncoated or laminated stocks from 24 lb. bond to 18 pt. on sheets up to 14.33″ x 34″. Features 7 selectable fold patterns and 6 selectable cover creasing patterns for perfect binding. Stores up to 200 jobs in memory.

    Crease and fold up to 5,000 sheets/hour. Optional perforating available. Ideal for restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and marketing collateral. Learn more here >>>


    Die-cut, kiss-cut, crease, perforate, slit, hole punch, and round corner on a wide range of substrates in one process for digital and offset prints. Up to 6,000 cycles/hour on sheet sizes up to 15.74″ x 21.65″. Repeat register function allows multiple-up applications from a single die pattern to minimize costs! Creasing also available for applications that require additional folding after die-cutting, such as boxes, pocket folders, and greeting cards. Learn more here >>>


    Introducing an all-in-one smart sheet processing system that can slit, gutter cut, edge trim,cross-cut, perforate, and crease all in one pass. Print mark registration adjusts for digital print image shift from sheet-to-sheet. Simple operation and easy job set-up via barcode. Ideal for greeting cards, table tents, invitations, and business cards. Skip perf feature can produce T- and L-perfs for tickets, coupons, and reply cards. Learn more here >>>

Mid-State Litho, Inc. (MSL)
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Gatherall Bindery Invests in Game Changers

Gatherall Bindery Invests in Game Changers

Investments in Standard Horizon technologies open new markets and opportunities

Gatherall Bindery Invests In Game ChangersSince 1968, Gatherall Bindery of Wixom, Michigan has been serving southeast Michigan’s small and mid-sized businesses with quality binding of print from more than 200 regional, small and commercial printing plants. Much of that work today is digital in nature, with short print runs and fast turnaround expectations.

Mark Culley and Brian Johnson lead the business, and noted that some of the greatest challenges a bindery faces today are keeping pace with the fast-turn workflow and managing the array of paper and substrates that come through the door. That’s why the decisions they make regarding binding and finishing equipment are so critical. “As far as bindery goes, the equipment is our business,” Culley said.

Working with local dealer Mid-State Litho of Flint, Michigan, the company has built an impressive, coordinated workflow based predominantly on equipment supplied by Standard Finishing Systems. In fact, the company has a more than 20-year relationship with Standard Horizon technologies.

“Back in the mid-‘90s, we were in the market for a binder, and we looked at a Standard Horizon system and also at the competitor, which was slightly cheaper. Back then, we were still green and thought that every single penny we spent up front was the most important thing,” Culley recalled. “And then we discovered that the Standard Horizon solution was a much better product.”

Today, Culley and Johnson field questions from colleagues all the time about equipment dilemmas, and inevitably they’ll suggest, “Just buy the Standard Horizon. You’re not getting a tinker toy. You’re getting a machine that’s going to last,” Culley said.

Among the Standard Horizon investments Gatherall has made are: a BQ-270 Perfect Binder; an SPF-200L Bookletmakerwith VAC collating towers; a StitchLiner 5500 Saddlestitcher with four VAC collating towers installed in 2006; and the newest installation, a BQ-470 Perfect Binder with PUR adhesive.

The StitchLiner 5500 has been a workhorse. “It’s used 10 hours a day, five days a week, and it has allowed us to create thicker books that we weren’t able to do before,” Johnson said.

“For example, I was just able to quote a 120-page self-cover saddlestitched book, and in the past, because of the page count, that may have been sent out to another bindery. Now, we can do that with confidence and quickly,” Culley explained.

The most significant “game changer” investment came in the form of the Standard Horizon BQ-470, according to Johnson and Culley. “It has opened up a whole new market,” Culley said. The same could be said for the SPF-200L Bookletmaker, which enabled the bindery to produce landscape-oriented publications. But it’s the BQ-470 with the PUR adhesive that was truly transformative.

“Because we receive jobs from so many printers, and are asked to perfect bind books with all different weights and grades of paper, we were finding that EVA glue wasn’t always the best option,” Culley recalled.

“We didn’t want to turn jobs away, and there was a period when we lacked confidence that the binding would hold up over time. The BQ-470 with PUR glue gave us that confidence, as well as the quality, speed, and consistency we needed. It was a game changer and problem solver,” he added.

The team at Gatherall Bindery applauds their representatives at Mid-State Litho and at Standard Finishing Systems, who they noted are unwaveringly knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy.

“To have a team of resources like that is huge,” Johnson said. “Installations have all gone smoothly, and any time we’ve had a question or needed a part, they have been incredible. They bend over backwards for their customers.”

Visit Gatherall Bindery online at www.gatherall.net

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Standard before Graph Expo

orange-county-convention-centerStandard before Graph Expo

Standard is in the final stages of preparation for a successful Graph Expo in Orlando. With 4,000 square feet of exhibit space, Standard will have an equipment-packed booth and plenty of Standard experts on hand to welcome everyone during the show.

Standard will be showing a complete line-up of slitting/creasing, die-cutting, perfect binding, trimming, folding, saddlestitching, inspection systems, and continuous-feed print solutions – all processing a variety of new unique applications. Check out Standard’s equipment showcase below.

Equipment in the Standard Booth:

  • SmartSlitter
  • RD‐4055 Rotary Die Cutter with Dual Magnetic Cylinder NEW (See below for more information)
  • RD‐3346 Rotary Die Cutter
  • CRF‐362 Creaser/Folder
  • BQ‐270V Single‐clamp Perfect Binder
  • BQ‐470 Four‐clamp EVA Perfect Binder
  • HT‐30C Three‐side Trimmer
  • HT‐1000V Three‐knife Trimmer
  • StitchLiner 5500 Saddlestitcher with two VAC‐1000 Towers
  • StitchLiner 6000 Digital Saddlestitcher (as part of continuous‐feed Roll‐to‐Booklet solution)
  • SPF‐200L Landscape Bookletmaker + TBC‐200L Top & Bottom Cutter + HOF‐400 High Speed Sheet Feeder
  • AFC‐566FG Folder
  • AF‐406F Small Format Folder
  • APC‐610 Cutter
  • VIVA Inspection Systems throughout the booth
  • pXnet Bindery Management System

Improve your die cutting process with easy change over, simple operation and flexibility across a wide range of products with the NEW RD-4055. The NEW RD-4055 Die Cutter now features a dual magnetic cylinder for more complex creasing patterns and provides a higher quality score. Also handles a wide variety of packaging applications!

Save money with the uniquely designed servo motor controlled “Repeat Register” features that allows multiple-up applications from single-up die to minimize die cost. Die-cutting and kiss-cutting can be performed at the same time by using a die which has two different blade heights making the RD-4055 ideal for making stickers and labels.

Creasing can be achieved to avoid image cracking. Suitable for boxes, pocket folders and greeting cards which require an additional folding process after die cutting.

Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to see Standard’s equipment up close. Interested in Standard’s VIP Demonstration Program at Graph Expo? Click here to register>>>

Mid-State Litho, Inc.
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Standard Horizon at drupa 2016

Standard horizon at drupa 2016

Standard Horizon will “Change the Focus” to Finishing at drupa 2016″

Andover, MA – Standard Finishing Systems will partner with Horizon International of Japan at the upcoming drupa event in Düsseldorf, Germany May 31 – June 10 to demonstrate the most comprehensive display of finishing equipment at the fairgrounds. Under the theme “Change the Focus,” Horizon will unleash the hidden value of post-press. The goal is to help our customers comprehend and plan finishing steps at the beginning of the print process, to enable end-to-end automation and production efficiency. Horizon’s 16,000 square foot booth will be the largest in Hall 6, and the single largest exhibit dedicated to post-press at drupa. Twenty-four working systems – including the world premieres of a new perfect binder and folder – will be organized into various zones featuring perfect bind, stitch, fold, and digital applications. Live presentations will also highlight four innovative Smart Finishing Solutions, each one capable of processing conventional and digitally printed output.

As Horizon’s exclusive North American distributor, Standard will demonstrate to its customers a different way to think about finishing. “Post-press should be front-of-mind when conceiving an efficient production workflow, but it’s often an afterthought,” says David Reny, Executive Vice President of Standard. “Customers who can zoom-up to see the complete life cycle of the printed product – from creation through finishing – will increase productivity and profitability in the long run. We’ll be showing intelligent in-line and near-line systems that offer flexibility and investment protection well into the future.”

Live Presentations Emphasize Smart Finishing

Six live presentations will be hosted daily in the Horizon theatre that will focus on finishing from the point of job creation for a efficiency, less waste, and much more. This is where Horizon will unveil the highly versatile, hybrid Smart Binding System. Click here to read full article

World Premiere in Perfect Binding

Horizon will demonstrate a complete line-up of multi-function finishing systems that can be used independently or in combination for a vast and varied range of output possibilities. Standard Horizon will demonstrate the SmartSlitter, SmartConnect System, RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter, SPC-4055 separator unit, and the ST-4055 high capacity stacker for lightweight stock and complicated shapes. Click here to read full article

Article Provided by Standard Horizon: May 2016
Click here to read full article from Standard Horizon

Mid-State Litho, Inc.
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Graph Expo 2015 Overview

Graph Expo 2015 Overview

Graph Expo 2015 OverviewGraph Expo is a trade show in flux, in more ways than one. As the headline North-American exposition for the printing industry, it represents a changing marketplace. Changes like customer expectations, never-before-seen applications, shorter run lengths and quicker turnarounds make shows like this more important than ever.

For those who haven’t heard, Graph Expo will be moving to Orlando in 2016 and the show will be held much later in September. This is a strategic move by the show organizers to help bring in more attendance from the Latin markets. Orlando International Airport is a great hub airport and coming landing place for flights from the south.

This year at the show we saw an incremental growth in the inkjet market. There were more inkjet engines than before and quality continues to improve. As inkjet matures it becomes more clear that web printing is the natural method. Inkjet combined with powerful VDP and inkjet software combined with roll-to-roll printing and roll-to-finish has become a huge draw for engineers in our industry.

The Standard Horizon and Hunkeler booth was exceptionally busy with interested parties watching roll to book solutions and the New SmartSlitter. MGI dazzled passersby with their beautiful spot-coating and digital foil machine called the Jetvarnish 3D. Oki demonstrated the New 5 Color C942 which prints a stunning white base color for unique applications on special substrates.

We are all looking forward to next year’s expo in Orlando. We’ll wait to see if there will be new energy from the changed venue and fresh audience. The schedule shows that in 2017 we will be back in Chicago for Print 2017. This four year occurrence is somewhat of a super show with a trend to international business and more foreign exhibitors.

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NEW Horizon Rotary Die-Cut System

Horizon's NEW RD-3346 Rotary Die-Cut SystemThe NEW Horizon RD-3346 Rotary Die-Cut System is designed to meet the growing demand for short-run product. Compact and efficient rotary die-cut system reduces die cost with the repeat register function.

Suitable for small applications such as business cards and product tags. Flexible substrates can be run through for die cutting and kiss cutting for sheet thicknesses up to 0.35 mm / 0.013″.

Uniquely designed servo motor controlled “Repeat Register” feature allows multiple-up applications from single-up die to minimize die costs.

Now available for live demonstration at Graph Expo 2014! Registration for your FREE Attendee Badge has been extended – Register today!

Operation Console

The sheet size and die cutting position can be set through the intuitive touch screen. The graphical illustrations on the screen are simple and easy to understand. The error description will be displayed on the touch panel for quick error recovery.

Feeding and Registration

Vacuum belt feeding enables superior feeding with easy setup and operation. Sheets are firmly registered by the vacuum belt for accurate and consistent quality.

Die Cutting Section

Servo motor driven gripper rollers ensure the die cut position and also enables repeat register function to minimize die cost and imposition flexibility. Maximum production speed is 5,000 cycles per hour and up to 0.35 mm / 0.13″ thickness substrate can be run through.


The separator removes the waste from the finished product and delivers it into the waste bin. Only finished products is delivered on the delivery tray.

Delivery Section

Uniquely designed delivery catch tray neatly stacks finished product. Multiple up applications such as business cards can be stacked.

Mid-State Litho, Inc.
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