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Baumfolder at PRINT 2017

Baumfolder at PRINT 2017

Baumfolder Show PictureCome visit Baumfolder at Print 2017 booth #1568. Baumfolder’s booth will provide a customer meeting place to speak with equipment specialist, to help answer any questions you may have.

Get all the information and help needed to select the best Baumfolder Solution for your application. While you are at the show be sure to check out Baum’s folding, feeding and stacking equipment:

  • Baum 714XLT Table Top Paper Folder
  • Baum 20 Floor Model Paper Folder
  • Baum 20 IPF Independent Deep Pile Feeder
  • Baum 20 RCS Receding Delivery Stacker

Baumfolder continues to provide the best post press equipment in the world. Baumfolder will also be providing information on their latest solutions in the order fulfillment and E-commerce industry.

About Baumfolder

Baumfolder Corporation is a leading producer of equipment for post-press bindery, finishing equipment, mailing equipment products and contract assembly. Almost a century of experience keeps us at the forefront of our industry. Our many years in business and having shipped over 100,000 systems give Baumfolder unprecedented insight into achieving customer satisfaction.

Product portfolio includes tabletop folders, floor model folders, perf/score/slitting equipment, deliveries/stackers/transports, independent feeders, loaders, stitchers, presses, cutters, and drills. Click here for additional finishing solutions from Baumfolder >>>

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B-Reliable with Baum 714XLT Ultrafold Tabletop Folder

B-Reliable with the Baum 714XLT Ultrafold Tabletop Folder

B-Reliable with Baum 714XLT Ultrafold Tabletop Folder

Your service to your customers, can only be as reliable as your equipment. We get that your reputation for reliability is important.

So here’s a quick reliability overview of our industry-standard folder, the Baum 714XLT Ultrafold:

  • Provides well proven, reliable, features that continue to make this folder an industry standard
  • A unique design that includes full 1/4″ thick tooling plate machine frames, instead of the thin, stamped sheet metal frames on other manufacturer’s folders
  • Includes heavy gauge sheet metal buckle plates that are durable and long lasting construction for reliable folding year after year, after year
  • A reliable gear drive with sealed ball bearings for maintenance-free operation

This machine is so reliable that Baum provides a 3 year parts warranty.

For more information on the Baum 714XLT visit us online or contact us at 1-800-343-4231.

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Increase Productivity with the Right Set Up of Your Older Baum Folders

Baum Folder - Productivity Next Exit

Increase Productivity with the Right Set Up of Your Older Baum Folders

Baum takes price in making equipment that lasts and lasts, so the chances are good that your company still has an older Baum folder on your floor.

This week, Baum is bringing you the basic set up guide for ensuring that your older folder is set for peak performance and profitability. If you currently use a Baum 2015, 2018 or 2020 folder, this guide is for you. Use it as a refresher, or training tool.

Download your copy of the guide here!

Article provided by Baumfolder –  April 22, 2015

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Be Green: Save Your Resources

Spring is here. Is your production greening up as quickly as the grass? At Baumfolder, they continue to add more features to their reliable and trusted products to help increase your profits and also meet the needs of today’s marketplace. Here are just a few ways Baumfolder can help you save your resources and green-up this spring:

A One Sheet Test Mode

The BAUM 20 PFF pile feed, BAUM 20 CFF continuous feed, and the BAUM 714XA Autofold tabletop folders, all incorporate a special “One Sheet Test Mode” feature for setup. This unique feature saves waste by only feeding one sheet when this mode is enabled. In today’s world of shorter run lengths and personalized printing, having a “One Sheet Test Mode” saves time, saves paper, and saves money. All of these combined can help you Be Green.

Learn more about Baum’s folders….

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Second Pass Folding on Baum 714 Folders

714XAparup'10smSecond Pass Folding on Baum 714 XLT and Baum 714 XA Folders

Here is information on Second Pass Folding operations for BAUM 714 XLT Ultrafold and BAUM 714XA Autofold Tabletop Folders.

The BAUM 714 XLT Ultrafold and BAUM 714XA Autofold air/vacuum feed tabletop folders have unique operational design features that enable what is called “Second Pass Folding” for select folding impositions.

The term “Second Pass” refers to folding a sheet in one direction in a single pass, collecting the folded sheets, and then sending the already folded sheets back through the BAUM folder again for a second pass at a right angle from the previously created folds in the first pass.

Second pass folding is meant for very low volume folding jobs due to the requirements of the job. Second pass folding is for right angle folding. It is recommended that during the first pass, a line of scoring be performed where the creases are to be for the fold(s) for the second pass. Note that in second pass folding you will have to fold against the grains in the paper in one of the passes. It is always best to add the score(s) to insure consistent folding from sheet to sheet. BAUM 714XLT Ultrafold and 714XA Autofold folders are provided with a “soft” score tooling capability with the standard fixed center slitter shafts provided with the equipment. Optional adjustable slitter shafts for more precise and defined scoring and or the use of Technifold creasing tooling are available from Baumfolder.

Purchase a second slittershaft assembly from BAUM to use to reduce your setup time . If you need to convert back and forth from standard folding without scoring tooling and back to right angle second pass folding several times, an additional set of slittershafts enables you to make a quick changeover by simply replacing the slittershafts and not having to take the time to remove and re-install tooling and pullout tires.

Examples of Second Pass Folding:

11 x 17 beginning sheet size folded in half on the first pass to become a two panel fold of 8-1/2 x 11 size.  If the final intended fold is to be an 8-page signature where the final fold size is 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, a single line of scoring is needed on the slittershafts on the first pass.  If the final intended fold is to be an 11×17 folded down to a #10 letter fold size of 3-5/8 x 8-1/2 inches, you will need two lines of scoring on the first pass.

If the volume of second pass folding increases on a regular basis, you can also add a BAUM 714XLT Ultrafold 8-page right angle folder to your existing 1st station BAUM 714 Ultrafold folder.

Article Provided By Baumfolder; please call to confirm what is needed to adapt the equipment.

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Perfect Creases for Digital Printing Output


Perfect Creases for Digital Printing Output

To ease bindery and production woes while adding versatility, a fine line of Technifold finishing tooling is available from Baumfolder. For use with your digitally printed material, the EZ-Fit and EZ-Fold Tri-Creasers completely eliminate fiber cracking on stock ranges from 90# text and up and produce a crease that is as good as, or better, than a letterpress. Easily produce multiple crease settings for any imaginable print/stock combination; and watch the tools work like magic on difficult, toner based, digital output.

The BAUM 20 Versatile Finishing Module (link to product page) with 1-1/8 adjustable shafts is the newest product to accommodate these waste-saving tools. Other BAUM models, with specific-sized, adjustable center-distance capable shafts include:

  • BAUM 714XLT
  • BAUM 15, 18 & 20 Pile Feed Folders
  • BAUM 20 Auto Set, Continuous, and Inline Feed Folders
  • BAUM 20 Legend Continuous and Pile Feed Folders
  • BAUM 26 Continuos Feed Folders
  • BAUM 30 Continuos Feed Folders

Please Note: Technifold finishing tools will only work on specific-sized, adjustable, center-distance shafts.

Perfect Perfing

Micro-perf is a special, very fine perforation that tears clean when pulled apart. This perforation is used for stocks that need perforations and must be fed again through copiers and printers.


There are kits available for both 7/8” and 1-1/8” shaft sizes. The key to whether your machine can utilize a micro-perf is dependent upon if your machine has adjustable slitter shafts. The adjustment occurs in the center to center distance between the shafts. Because the micro-perf crushes the paper between a blade and a hardened metal ring, a fine adjustment is necessary to prevent tearing the paper or damaging the blade.

There is now an adjustable slitter shaft assembly available for 714 folders which can allow your table top machine to run a micro-perf assembly. This will work on certain 714 parallel machines starting with the “XE” in 1991. You can contact us to find out if your specific machine is capable of this upgrade.

Article Provided by Baumfolder – March 24, 2015

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Be Profitable with Fast Finishing From Baumfolder

Be Profitable with Fast Finishing

Be Profitable with Fast Finishing From Baumfolder

The BAUM 20 VFM is a Baumfolder solution providing a Versatile Finishing Module, tailored to your applications. A high speed rotary scoring/slitting/perforating machine, the VFM utilizes a BAUM 20 Pile Feeder and Baum CF20 Folderregister, connected to a new scoring module that contains 3 sets of heavy duty shafts. This solution accommodates a variety of tooling and enables multiple lines of scoring, perforating, and/or slitting in
Baum 20VFM-Slitter-Shaftsa single pass.

Do you need to score, slit, or perforate at 90 degrees? A 2nd station VFM is available with the same scoring module, but with a cross-carrier to register the job from the first section. This allows for job completion without reloading. Learn more about the BAUM 20 Versatile Finishing Module.

Technology is constantly changing; let us help you learn how you can justify replacing some older, out-dated equipment with equipment designed for the future.

For more information about Baum’s 20VFM Folder contact our product specialists at 1-800-343-4231! 

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Preventative Folder Maintenance


3 Reasons for Preventative Folder Maintenance + Incentive = Do It Now

Why perform preventative maintenance on a folding machine? Is this expense necessary and what are the benefits? The answers are quite simple.

  1. It is important to meet the deadlines promised to your customers. Having a piece of equipment break down in the middle of an important job can result in paying employees to work overtime or, even worse, you can’t deliver on time, losing that important clients’ future business forever. Doing regular preventative maintenance can eliminate or greatly reduce this possibility.
  2. A folder like any piece of equipment, is a major investment for your company that should be maximized and protected. With care, a BAUM folder should last for years if you take care of it. However, the failure to do such simple things as clean the pump filters, regular lubrication, checking for worn belts, etc. can greatly shorten the life of your machine and/or result in an unexpected breakdown at the worst possible time. A Preventative Maintenance schedule can help you protect this investment and minimize unscheduled down time.
  3. It is cheaper to maintain your folder on an ongoing basis. It’s expensive to have parts flown in overnight when a belt breaks or a bearing seizes up because you didn’t inspect it or lubricate it properly. By having a preventive maintenance program you are in control of when your folder is down for maintenance.

Efficient and Money Saving Tune-Up Kits for Folders

Baumfolder has tune-up kits available for its Table Top and most Floor Model Folders. These tune-up kits contain the commonly needed parts that should be changed for preventative maintenance. The kits can save you a considerable amount of money compared to buying the individual parts.

Article Provided by Baumfolder Corporation. Click here to view our Baumfolder products.

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Be Profitable with BAUM Pile & Continuous Feed Folders

Be Profitable with Baum Pile & Continuous Feed Folders

Be Profitable with Baum Pile & Continuous Feed Folders

Now is the time to help ensure your profitability. In our 2nd enews of this series, we remind you of the profitability that comes with great equipment.baum-20-comp_4

Pile & Continuous Feed Folders Keep Your Project Moving

The Baum 20 PFF and Bum 20 CFF series folders can make you more profitable by using our latest technologies:

  • Exclusive Baum ifold touch screen technolgy with maintenance reminders
  • “How to” set up screens
  • Job memory storage capability
  • Minimal maintenance due to the latest designs
  • Easy setup and loading of equipment
  • Paperless roller gapsets

For more ideas on feeding your profitability contact our product specialists. 

Rebuild Your Baum 714 for Profitable Production 

Our kits are a great way to rebuild your trusty Baumfolder 714 back to factory specifications. We use the same genuine Baumfolder parts made from the original prints and used in the production of our new 714’s.

Here are some of the items included in our kit: 

  • Toner release urethane fold rolls
  • Gears
  • Bearings and shims
  • Stacker tapes
  • Drive belts
  • Feed and retard tires (friction feed models)
  • Sucker tires (A & B versions)
  • Sheet detect tab (air feed models)
  • Pull out tires

Get your folder back in top running condition. Your MSL Service Department is ready to help! Contact us today for additional information and pricing.

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The Ultimate Tabletop Folders

The Ultimate Tabletop FoldersThe Ultimate Tabletop Folders

BAUM continues to provide the most reliable and rugged tabletop folders in a compact and convenient design.

714XA The BAUM 714XA offers all of the rugged features of the popular manual setup BAUM 714XLT folder and then adds automation and state of the art features to meet today’s demanding needs along with modern styling. The 714XA is designed to meet the needs of all printing and imaging folding applications with these key features:

    • PLC touch screen control panel
    • Feed table extension that can handle longer sheet lengths, enabling tri-folding of 25.5″ long sheets from brochures, etc.
    • Six pre-programmed fold settings
    • Programmable memory settings for 20 custom folds
    • Batch counter that can count up or count down

  • Variable batch data entry
  • Total counter
  • PLC touch screen control panel with pictographs and color display
  • Sound covers standard
  • Flip deflector, non-marking fold plate technology
  • Diagnostic messages/fault detection
  • Jam detection using input and output sensors
  • Motorized delivery stacker
  • Automated fold plate setup

The BAUM 714XLT is rugged and compact. With a convenient size, this easy to setup folder is ready to go to work for you anytime and anyplace you need it. It can easily handle coated stocks as well as high-speed copier and laser printed stocks.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Built-in totalizing counter
  • Easy make-ready:
  • Handy fold-chart for easy fold pan set-ups
  • Scales on fold plates for accuracy
  • Stacker scales for easy set-up of delivery
  • “Easy-set” sheet caliper
  • Multiple air adjustments

Scoring/ Perforating and Slitting on the 714XLT Ultrafold 1st Station Folder

There are multiple ways to complete scoring, perforating and slitting applications on the 714XLT  Ultrafold 1st station folders. All 714XLT Ultrafold 1st station folders are equipped standard with a set of easily removable “Fixed” center to center slittershafts that are an assembly. All new 714XLT Ultrafold 1st station folders are equipped with tooling for this “Fixed” slittershaft design as standard equipment. The tooling provides the capability to perform either one line of standard “soft” scoring or one line if piercing perforating using a 41 tooth blade.

Click here for more information on BAUMFOLDER and additional tabletop models.

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