Staying on the Leading Edge

Business, although simple in essence, has complexities that can often cloud our judgement and prevent us from seeing what’s right in front our eyes. I’m talking about opportunity. Have you ever heard the phrase “can’t see the forest through the trees?” I feel a parallel with the moniker when it comes to the business of manufacturing and production. Business owners are a hard working bunch, and although the intentions are always sound there’s quite often a disconnect between innovation and the status quo.

Status Quo

In our American free market, growing your business is the only option. To remain idle and stop the investment cycle is a surefire way to get left behind by the competition. The companies that continually invest time and effort into exploring new solutions for themselves and their customers are the companies that make it. Of course it’s important to never forget your roots; continue to improve upon the things that have gotten your company to where it is but always keep an eye on the horizon for what’s coming.

Look past the trees and see the forest, your customers have creative minds and if you can supply the tools and expertise to spark ideas and create dynamic new projects you can grow with your customers and create a whole new forest of trees.


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