Receive 2% Discount from USPS When You Include a QR Code

This July and August, the United States Post Office is offering a 2% discount for commercial mailers who include a QR code or other mobile code on their mailings. The promotion gives businesses the opportunity to receive a 2% discount upfront when they mail First Class Mail and Standard Mail letters, flats and cards with a mobile code.  Smart mobile device users must be sent to a mobile optimized website where they can buy a product advertised on the printed mailer.

United States Postal Service

As you may have read in an earlier articles on MSL’s blog, direct mailings and printed advertisements have been shown to be the most effective marketing strategy, surpassing digital methods such as email. USPS wants to promote and bring awareness to the effectiveness of direct mailings, particularly when they are linked with online and digital media. QR codes give consumers the opportunity to actively and immediately participate in a marketing campaign or sales event.

QR code

USPS will run the same campaign again in November, when businesses will have the chance to earn an extra 1%, a total discount of 3%, if they mailers are sent Priority Mail. More conditions apply. Read more about the USPS’s mobile code discount.


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