DeLuxe Stitcher Company, Inc.

Continuing our series of vendor profiles, MSL would next like to introduce you to DeLuxe Stitcher Company, Inc.

DeLuxe Stitcher Company, Inc.Located in Chicago, IL, DeLuxe Stitcher  specializes in the manufacturing of  free standing stitcher machines. Deluxe Stitcher recently broadened their product range in 2010, when they acquired ISP Stitching and Bindery Products. DeLuxe Stitcher Company originated from the Arlington, MA company started in 1886 known as Boston Wire Stitcher Company, or later, Bostitch. In 1970, DeLuxe Stitcher began manufacturing a line of  stitcher head parts.  26 years later, DeLuxe Stitcher Company acquired the Graphic Arts division of Stanley/Bostitch. This acquisition successfully combined DeLuxe’s history of customer responsiveness and consistent reliability with Bostitch’s diverse product range.

DeLuxe Stitcher ISP Dual BinderyMate

As a local dealer for DeLuxe Stitcher, MSL offers our customers the ISP Dual BinderyMate II Dual Wire Stitcher. The BinderyMate II is a compact tabletop wire stitcher. It excels in high performance, but maintains an office friendly look. ISP’s BinderyMate II helps you save money though the use of a continuous coil wire stitcher, which has been proven to be more economical, versus the use of pre-formed staples. The BinderyMate allows you to smoothly go from flat to saddle stitching in seconds and runs quietly with the M-2000 Stitching Head. It is a jam resistant stitcher, ensuring smooth operation. This dual wire stitcher is 100% portable and can be mounted on a worktable, or rest on the adjustable stand.

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