7 Reasons Why You Want to Sign-Up for Our Newsletter

As many of our customers are aware, MSL has created our own monthly newsletter, The Graphic Express, as counterpart to our blog. We have received positive feedback from customers who have enjoyed the newsletter and find it to be an asset to their business. We want to encourage you to take this opportunity to sign-up for our newsletter or promotional emails. It is quick and easy and can only benefit your business.

If you currently do not receive The Graphic Express newsletter, here are some benefits you may want to consider:

Graph Expo, Drupa, Cartes: MSL will keep you informed

  1. We keep tabs on major industry news for you
  2. Today information is everywhere, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to keep informed. We can become victims of information overload; too much, too constant. It can be hard to sort through what applies to us and what doesn’t. MSL will let you know about the important industry news which will affect the printing industry, and ultimately your business.  News from major corporations or worldwide events such as Drupa may not seem to apply to your own operation, but new technologies, equipment and concepts soon become standard. Smart business owners know keeping informed on industry news today will put them ahead of competitors tomorrow.

  3. You’ll find helpful tips
  4. Looking for a solution to a printing related problem you have been facing for a long time? MSL now provides a ‘tip of the month’ in each newsletter, which started with Steve Barrett’s article on handling static. If you have an issue you need a solution to, please contact us with your question and we may feature the answer in our monthly newsletter (of course we will do our best to help whether we do or not). Even if you are not facing an eminent dilemma, you may find solutions you never thought of before, saving you time and perhaps money.

    Keep informed about new technology and equipment

  5. You’ll learn about new equipment
  6. MSL often features equipment in our newsletter, giving our customers an opportunity to see what’s out there and discover their options. Whether you are looking to grow your business and expand into a new service, or you are looking to upgrade equipment you currently have, or even if you just want to keep tabs on what the big-time printers are using, you will find information about new and used equipment in our newsletter, if only for you to dream about.

  7. You won’t miss out on special events and shows
  8. By signing up to receive your monthly newsletter, you can be certain you will not miss out on any special events, expos and shows offered or attended by MSL or our vendors. We always let you know where we are going to be demonstrating the latest technology and equipment in the industry.

    Keep informed about sales and promotions

  9. You will have priority access to sales and promotional codes
  10. MSL offers our email list members, including those signed up for The Graphic Express, special promotions and discounts on supplies. We will send you promotional codes you can use when you purchase supplies through our webshop or via the phone.

  11. We won’t clutter your inbox
  12. MSL’s newsletter only comes once a month, so you don’t have to worry about receiving a barrage of repetitive information. Just one short email summing up everything important happening with our business and the printing industry at large.


  13. You can tell us what you really think
  14. By signing up for the monthly newsletter, you will be have an easy format to respond to us, letting us know what we can do to improve our services. We want to keep in touch with you on a regular basis so we know we are providing you with information and services that further your own business goals. If you see something in the newsletter which really helped you out, please let us know so we can continue to provide similar information in the future. If we are not providing any advice or articles you find valuable, tell us so we can find a way to better serve you!

If you have any questions about signing up for our monthly newsletter or other promotional emails, please email krista@midstatelitho.net, or ask your sales and system specialist representative.

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